10 Best Movie Brothers


Having a brother, in fiction or in reality, can be a blessing or a curse. Either way, it’s definitely an adventure. Whether the siblings are older, younger, or even twins, life is better as a family. In the movies, they can be chaotic sidekicks or endearing best friends and having a sibling to chat and share stories with is by far one of the best feelings.

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Even the best sibling relationships come with trials and tribulations, but that doesn’t stop these brothers from doing what they can to keep their bonds strong. These dynamic duos can be protective, fun, adventurous, and mischievous, but they’re always family-friendly.

Being a big brother is a challenge and being a little brother can mean trying to fill big shoes. Add a dose of untapped magic to the relationship, and it can make things a little more difficult. That’s not stopping Ian and Barley Lightfoot from having the adventure of a lifetime together.

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These magical brothers learn to be themselves despite being so different from each other. They teach each other the true meaning of courage, family, appreciation and faith in each other. Whether they’re teasing each other or casting spells, these two really know how to stick together through good times and bad.

9 Gilbert and Arnie Grape take care of each other (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape)

It’s not easy taking care of a younger sibling, let alone raising one. Things get much more difficult when a child is raising a younger sibling with autism. What eats Gilbert Raisin is filled with examples of complicated family relationships, but the dynamic between Gilbert and Arnie is a portrait of pure love, empathy, and understanding.

These brothers are great examples of support and caring no matter what challenges they face. Despite their hotheaded moments, they always come back to the love they have for each other. These brothers know very well that life is easier and more colorful next to each other.

8 Stepbrothers can be brothers at heart (Stepbrothers)

Brennan Huff and Dale Doback almost had fans wondering if it was better to have had a brother all your life or find one at 40. These half-brothers are proof that sometimes family can emerge from the most unexpected of circumstances and make life better.

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Brennan and Dale go through it all. They fail, win, cry and laugh together, though they are only bonded because their parents are getting married. Even when they are forced apart, they find a way to get back together. It is a true soul mate bond that takes the form of brotherly love.

seven Kenai and Koda need each other more than they think (Brother Bear)

Although they are not blood brothers like Kenai’s older brothers Sitka and Denahi, Kenai and Koda are still part of the family. This Brother Bear duo reminds fans that family is about energy and that a true brotherly bond comes from love and respect for each other.

Not only are these two teaching each other huge life lessons, but they are also growing and evolving together. From the joys of salmon fishing to difficult heart-to-heart conversations, Kenai and Koda are brothers who will never let themselves be walked alone, even though Kenai sometimes seems like he wants some alone time.

6 Vincent and Julius Benedict are polar opposites (twins)

They don’t look alike but these twins are two for one. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito playing Vincent and Julius Benedict in the 1988 comedy Twins is not just cutting-edge comedy, but proof that even genetic opposites attract.

Vincent and Julius are direct foils but perfectly complementary to each other. If they weren’t so different in personality and appearance, delving into this story of a unique set of twins wouldn’t be as fun or interesting. United late in life, the two push each other in new directions and also learn surprising lessons from each other.

5 Stuart and George Little prove that brotherhood transcends species (Stuart Little)

Adding a new member to the family can be overwhelming for a child, especially when that member is a completely different species. Yet Stuart and George Little become virtually inseparable and exemplify the idea that people’s differences are what make relationships amazing. They may not start out as best friends, but that’s their inevitable destination.

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These young brothers discover not only a shared love for many hobbies, but also a deep love for each other and for their unique family. They are proof that what ultimately matters is treating everyone with kindness and compassion, regardless of appearance or status.

4 Turtles are the quintessential brotherly quartet (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)TMNT live from the 1990s posing with April O'Neil.

One is not enough, two is good, three is the crowd, but four brothers is downright party time! There may never be enough pizza for everyone, but these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are always more than happy to buy another extra large pepperoni, just in case.

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3 Thor and Loki are the perfect sibling rivals (MCU)

Nothing about Thor and Loki’s relationship is obvious at first glance. Although Loki might be considered the worst brother in the universe, Thor never stops trying to help or save his foster younger brother. In fact, the duo’s “get help” plan in Thor: Ragnarok essentially defines partners in crime.

While their relationship would give any family therapist a run for their money, it’s clear in every MCU movie that the godlike duo are in that they love each other, regardless of multiple homicidal attempts. Thor, of course, has a heart of gold and always seems willing to forgive Loki, even though they’ve both lost track of the God of Mischief’s betrayals and fake deaths.


1 Fred and George Weasley are the most mischievous heroes in the wizarding world (Harry Potter)

Two heads are better than one when it comes to having great ideas or coming up with brilliant solutions. Luckily for Fred and George Weasley, their minds work together like a magic machine. This red-haired couple have an unshakeable, unbreakable bond that stands out even in a large, close family

Fred and George stand together through thick and thin, especially when they cook up and execute their wildest plans. Fred and George prove that seeing double is double trouble and they never miss the chance to take full advantage of their unique skills as siblings. These twins definitely take the tumbler for best siblings.

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