10 Movie Characters Who Work Harder Than Anyone


Audiences love to root for a character who never gives up. Working hard to accomplish something or save the day is a universally respected trait. Characters who are willing to go the extra mile to succeed aren’t always the protagonists of their movies, but that doesn’t mean they won’t give it their all.

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Some of the hardest working characters in movie history are the supporting characters, aiding the protagonists on their journeys with humble and tireless support. These characters give audiences something to aspire to, pushing them to do the same in their own lives and be just as unstoppable.

ten Kermit the frog is the driving force behind the Muppet movie

Rowlf Kermit's puppets

Kermit is the driving and unifying force behind this Muppet origin story. Alongside his new friend Fozzie Bear, Kermit will stop at nothing to reach Hollywood and hit the big time in movies. Along the journey, Kermit picks up all the weird side performers who end up becoming the cast of The puppet show. He constantly works to keep the team together as they travel across the country. Kermit retains this trait in most other Muppet media as well, constantly being the organizing force behind the chaos.

9 Morpheus in the Matrix is ​​driven by faith

Morpheus talks to Neo in the movie Matrix

The matrix the series is full of incredibly hard-working people. All members of the Resistance movement are constantly risking their lives to overthrow the machines and awaken people from the false reality that is The Matrix. However, Morpheus is driven by a deeper cause than morality. He sincerely believes in the prophecy surrounding The One, who was ultimately revealed to be Neo. His faith pushes him to extremes, especially in The Matrix Reloaded and The matrix: Revolutions, and he is willing to risk everything to make the prophecy come true.

8 Johnny Mnemonic desperately wants to clear his head

johnny mnemonic running towards the camera

Johnny Mnemonic may work hard, but he’s not as likeable as other determined movie leads. Johnny is a courier, paid to carry secure information in his head to keep it safe from hackers. When Johnny is tasked with a message too large for his internal storage device, he will stop at nothing to have the information deleted. This eventually leads him to join an underground rebellion, but his ultimate goal remains unchanged.

seven Daisuke Serizawa works tirelessly to pursue peace in Godzilla

daisuke serizawa in his lab

There have been dozens of Godzilla movies over the decades, but the original 1954 Toho Godzilla is one of the best. Among its main players is Daisuke Serizawa, a scientist who invents a device called the Oxygen Destroyer. However, Serizawa refuses to use the device, even though it seems to be the only way to stop Godzilla.

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He tries incredibly hard during the movie to find a solution that doesn’t involve killing Godzilla, but to no avail. When he finally agrees to use the device, he also sacrifices himself to prevent his research from ever being used again.

6 Princess Leia has spent her whole life fighting for good

General Leia Organa

As a senator, princess, and general, Leia Skywalker Organa Solo is undoubtedly one of the hardest working characters in star wars. She begins her political life working within the Empire to undermine its efforts and support the Rebellion’s efforts. After her actions were discovered, she effortlessly became a leader and organizer within the Alliance where she remained a key figure until her death. She is equally at home in the strategy room as she is on the battlefield, making her one of the strongest figures in the fight against authoritarianism and evil in Star Wars.

5 Edna mode is the brains behind countless heroes

Edna Shows Off The Superhero Outfits She Made For The Incredibles

In a world of superheroes, it’s hard to single out one person as the hardest worker. Corn The Incredibles Super-suit designer Edna Mode is an excellent candidate. Whether she’s dreaming up new ways to adapt her designs, babysitting out-of-control super babies, or simply giving advice to parents, Edna Mode constantly goes the extra mile. Many of the Parr family’s accomplishments would have been impossible without her, and the world owes her gratitude.

4 George Bailey is a pillar of the community

george bailey party in the snow

The star of the holiday classic It’s a wonderful life really up to the task when the going gets tough. George constantly goes out of his way to help others, even at great expense. Early in his life, he saves his younger brother from drowning by jumping into a frozen pond after him.

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This is just the beginning of George’s accomplishments as he continues to support his community through consistent and ongoing generosity. Even his lowest moment, contemplating suicide on Christmas, is a desperate way for George Bailey to try to help the people he loves.

3 Mrs. Jumbo is a super mom

Moms are some of the hardest working people, and Mrs. Jumbo is no exception. Since the beginning of Disney Dumbo, she ensures that her son is safe from those who would laugh at him for his differences. Even after being jailed for taking on bullies, she is still there for her son as he becomes hers. Without his encouragement and support, it’s unknown if Dumbo would have ever discovered his unique abilities.

2 Ellen Ripley never gives up, even in the face of certain death

Ellen Ripley aboard the Nostromo in Alien

Ripley is tested time and time again in the Extraterrestrial franchise. From Extraterrestrial, she is confronted by an extremely dangerous alien and quickly left to fend for herself. Once the rest of her crew have been taken out one by one, Ripley must use her cunning to outsmart the deadly Xenomorph.

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In future movies, like aliens, she must lead a team of allies against hordes of creatures. No matter the odds, Ellen Ripley never backs down from her commitment to survival.

1 Samwise Gamgee is the definition of a good friend

samwise gamgee against a sunset

Frodo Baggins could be the central protagonist of The Lord of the Rings, but he would be nowhere without his trusty companion Sam. Ever since the day they left the Shire, Sam has been by Frodo’s side no matter what kind of danger stands in their way. He saves Frodo from the clutches of the spider-demon Shelob, follows him to a fortress full of orcs, and even transports him to the domain of Sauron himself. For a simple farm boy, Sam has unfathomable strength when it comes to protecting his friends.

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