10 Movie Franchises That Michael Bay Could Improve


Director Michael Bay is now best known for directing the Transformers movie franchise and make it a four billion dollar series. But despite these box office successes, not everyone loves the franchise, and while making press junkets for his new movie, Ambulancethe director revealed that it was actually Steven Spielberg who told Bay to stop making them.

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It’s thanks to Spielberg that Bay made much more interesting films like 6 Underground and Ambulance. But Bay still did a great job creating a giant movie series, and other struggling franchises could use his services. He may not be the most beloved director in the world, few filmmakers are as good at working on a large scale, and these franchises would be much better if Bay was behind the camera.


G.I. Joe

GI Joe: Retaliation - Dwayne Johnson

the G.I. Joe The film franchise has struggled to take off several times at this point. Despite The rise of the cobra massively underperforming, Paramount Pictures still greenlighted a sequel. But even with Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis introduced to the show, Reprisals still failed to find the audience Paramount was looking for. And more recently, Snake-eyes failed to even recover half of its budget.

If anyone knows how to turn a toy-based movie franchise into a billion-dollar hit series, it’s Bay. One of the big problems of G.I. Joe movies is how isolated and confined the action is, often relying too much on a shaky camera. But Bay isn’t afraid to dream bigger, and he could inject those full-scale action sequences and deliver a popcorn hit the show desperately needs.


Selene looking at the city in Underworld 2003

the underworld the series is a bit darker than typical Bay fare, but fans often forget that the first Bad Boys was actually very dark. And the Gothic club that served as the setting for a typical bayside shootout is exactly the aesthetic that the first underworld movie had.

In addition to this, the underworld movies became more action-oriented with each consecutive release, and that was also its downfall, so an action-oriented director is what the sequels needed more than anything. Like underworld and its sequels are set exclusively at night, it would be hard to get the cliche of helicopters flying past the sunset that Bay loves so much. But it’s a small price to pay for a sexy, bloodsucking action movie that would see the director at his best.

men in black

In its current form, men in black has run its course well, and many would say there hasn’t been a good movie in the franchise since the original in 1997. And the funniest thing about the latest Men in Black: International is a reference to an entirely different franchise, as Chris Hemsworth’s character wields a hammer, just like he does as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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the MIBs The franchise never took itself too seriously, and it’s a perfect balance of comedy and action, just like Bay’s best films. Path Based International attempted to make the series feel more like a superhero-type blockbuster, Bay could take it back to its roots and make the most of it MIBs movie from the first.


But Predator 2 is an underrated horror sequel that deserves a second chance, the franchise has gone from failure to failure. Whether it be Predator versus alien or the last published The predatorfans of the series have been too often disappointed.

To like underworlda Predator The movie might not immediately come across as an entry that would fit in with the rest of Bay’s filmography. But the original film in the series is so action-packed, filled with helicopters, and steeped in bravado and machismo, and no one does those things better than Bay. However, there is another Predator movie on the horizon, Prey, which seems like a fresh start for the series. The film is a prequel, set in the 1700s and directed by Dan Trachtenberg, who directed 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Elizabeth rallies a group of pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Pirates of the Caribbean has not one but two new movies in development, both of which are reboots and will star Margot Robbie. And while it’s unlikely that any of them will be directed by Bay, there’s nothing more exciting than imagining a pirate-themed action flick from the director.

the pirate The series often got bogged down in its convoluted lore, and while most films in the franchise had big premises, Bay could cut out all the unnecessary exposition and messy subplots. The movie could just be two hours of Jack Sparrow running and Bay could make it entertaining. And the filmmaker would spend a day in the field creating huge explosions with the cannons of navy ships.

The Terminator

Sarah fires a rocket launcher in Terminator: Dark Fate

Although some terminator fans would criticize Bay taking over the series, as he is known for his silly storylines, the sci-fi series has been on a downward spiral ever since Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. The most recent movie, dark fatemaybe the best terminator movie since Terminator 2: Judgment Daybut that doesn’t mean much.

Bay is clearly a big fan of On the day of judgement, as the second film in the franchise is famous for its epic LA river chase scene, and that’s exactly what we find in the director’s new film, Ambulance. The first two terminator the movies are incredible sci-fi action blockbusters, and that’s something Bay knows how to pull off better than most.

james bond

Bond rides a motorcycle in Quantum of Solace

There is a theory that The rock is a james bond film, while Sean Connery plays the leading role of John Mason. John Mason is a false identity, the character is a former British intelligence agent and he never reveals his true identity, so it could be that Bay has already secretly directed a Bond movie.

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And it just goes to show that the director could have improved the spy franchise in the 1990s, because The rock is better than anything 007 movie of that time. Now that Daniel Craig’s Bond era is over, Bay could take the franchise back in a more lighthearted and fun direction after the last dour and serious films.

The Mummy

Brendan Fraser with a torch navigating a cave in a scene from The Mummy.

While the years 1999 The Mummy is a fun and campy adventure movie, the kind they don’t make anymore, and The return of the mummy is something of a guilty pleasure, the series has had far from the best trajectory. The Scorpion King and the three long-forgotten sequels are the worst directions the franchise could have gone in, and the reboot starring Tom Cruise was the final nail in the coffin.

Universal ditched the Dark Universe before it even took off, as the 2017 reboot was meant to be the start of a cinematic universe that included Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman, and others. If the reboot was in Michael Bay’s hands, it would have been a supernatural action epic, and there would have been three more films in the franchise to date.

ghost rider

Ghost Rider looks away on his motorcycle in Ghost Rider.

It’s a huge surprise that Nicolas Cage and Bay only collaborated once, because the theatrical, over-the-top actor and explosive director seem made for each other. Cage even starred in movies like Air conditioning, who were clearly influenced by Bay. And in 2007, Cage starred in ghost riderwhich is about a biker who turns into a fiery skeleton.

Fans of the comic book source material thought the movie and its sequel left a lot to be desired, to say the least. But Cage acting naturally cageless is the show’s only big plus, and Bay and the actor could reunite for a soft reboot. Although the likelihood of that happening is low, fans might see Cage as Johnny Blaze once again. There is a rumor that Cage will make an appearance in Doctor Strange 2.

Fast and Furious


There are already strands of Bay DNA in the Fast and Furious franchise, whether it’s the machismo of the first film, the scantily clad Miami residents of 2 Fast 2 Furiousor the epic sets of Fast and Furious 6. And while Justin Lin made the series the hit franchise it is today, his work on F9 led to the series’ worst reviews to date.

Even die-hard fans of the franchise thought Han coming back to life and Rome going to space was ridiculous. fast furious hit its peak in the middle of its lifespan, when movies were full of train heists and epic chase sequences, and Bay could bring the series back to that time and make the best of it Fast movie ever.

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