10 Things The Uncharted Movie Got Games Wrong


The output of Unexplored The film gave dedicated fans and casual viewers a taste of the popular video game series that many had been waiting for years. The movie turned out to be a visual playlist of the games it was directly inspired by, and while not everyone was happy with the outcome, the Unexplored the filmmakers did their best to demonstrate their version of the source material.

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It’s not that easy to properly translate a beloved game series into a single movie with a time limit, and despite their best efforts to bring the Unexplored games to life, it was missing some elements that could have been crucial to the original story.

ten Sam ditched Nate

Nate and Sam leaving the orphanage in Uncharted

The film opens with Sam and Nate together at the orphanage, with Sam getting kicked out after breaking too many rules. Of course, Sam refuses to be taken away, so he escapes through a window, leaving his little brother behind.

In Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Sam offers Nate a chance to leave the orphanage with him to find their mother’s journal, catapulting them into their respective treasure-hunting lives. It might not seem like a significant difference, but it practically changes the dynamic of Nate and Sam’s relationship, making Sam more callous, which changes the course of the story.

9 Sam gives the lighter to Nate

Sam Drake smokes in Uncharted

Audiences watching Sam hand Nate his lighter in the movie would likely find the lighter more important to Nate than in the video games. In the fourth game, the lighter is a useful tool for specific puzzles, but it’s not so much a sentimental object as it seems to be in the movie.

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In the games, Sam is seen using the lighter for smoking more often than he uses it for other purposes, even being called “smoky” by Nate. Whereas, in the film, Sam’s abandonment makes the small object more precious to Nate.

8 Both parents left

Sam and Nate as children in the Uncharted mansion

Both the movie and the games recognize that Nate and Sam Drake are orphans in their own way. However, their parents’ backgrounds are further discussed in the fourth game. The decision to have both parents killed in the film could become a major reference later in the series, if they continue to make an additional film or two, but only one of their parents died. in games.

The fourth game acknowledges that their mother – being an archaeologist herself and the one who instilled an interest in history in her sons – died of an illness while their father was alive and healthy enough to care for. of his children, but he put them away in an orphanage anyway.

7 Nate and Sully’s first meeting

Nate and Sully making a deal in Uncharted 3

In the Unexplored movie, Sully’s first meeting with Nate happens in the bar where Nate works. Mark Whalberg’s Sully watches Holland’s Nate quickly lift a diamond bracelet from one of the customers. This starts the conversation between the two, with Sully trying to recruit Nate for his next heist. However, the audience learns that Sully knew of Nate’s existence long before he entered the bar.

In the third game, Sully encounters a much younger version of Nate, trying to steal the same artifact Sully wants from a museum. this establishes a working and personal relationship between the two.

6 Missing Elena Fisher

Elena and Nate in the pit in Uncharted

The film version included a small handful of familiar characters from the game series, although it did not incorporate one of the more notable main characters. Audiences may not have known the difference, especially with potential love interest Chloe (who also happens to be one of Nate’s former flames in the games), but there was a little void in there. absence of Elena.

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The absence of Elena – Nate’s other/partner – is odd considering her presence in all four games and is almost always Nate’s embodiment of a moral compass. However, his exclusion could be excused depending on what time the movie takes place.

5 Moncada and Braddock

Moncada and Braddock in the Uncharted movie

The creation of Santiago Moncada and Jo Braddock is not an unwanted addition; they feel very much like the opposing villainous treasure hunters who find their way into every Uncharted game.

Although the games have a long list of notable villains, from Rafe Adler to Zoran Lazarevic, they created two new antagonists for the film adaptation. Antonio Banderas’ performance as a ruthless Spaniard seeking to recover his family’s stolen gold, and Tati Gabrielle’s portrayal of a fearless leader both make for rewarding character inclusion.

4 Everyone has aged

Perhaps one of the film’s biggest criticisms, the characters in the film are about half the age they appear to be in the games. Naturally, this was due to the filmmakers’ decision to make the film a kind of prequel.

However, the age differences may have hurt the film’s reception, given that the games feature a much older, more charming version of Nate and Sully that fans are used to. It would have been interesting to see how the movie would have been different if they had chosen a different time period.

3 Victor Sullivan is kind of an asshole

Mark Whalberg did his best with what he had to work with, and maybe the frustration with his character comes from the writers’ choices, but there was an opportunity to make Sully the character that everyone loves in the movie. series of games, and they failed to do so. this.

The movie’s version of Sully is just as money-hungry as the games’, apart from cracking a few jokes here and there. But perhaps the biggest reason Sullivan is so popular in games is how he treats Nathan. Sully found Nate in a museum when he was just a boy and took Nate under his wing, but in the movie, it’s hard to appreciate Sully when he constantly treats Nate like he’s disposable.

2 Nate is a bartender

Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) Bartender in Uncharted

The chance to show the film’s version of Nathan Drake performing one of his rock climbs or solving puzzles early in the film was a missed opportunity. They made Nate a skilled bartender instead, capable of performing petty thefts.

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His lack of treasure hunting experience slowed his character development, while Nate in the video game was already exploring to collect artifacts into his twenties. However, Nate’s ability to learn and adapt quickly gives him the slightest advantage over the other characters in the film.

1 Everyone is a little less friendly

Uncharted movie scene with Nate, Chloe and Sully

the Unexplored the games don’t shy away from the fact that characters have a tendency to double-cross or backstab their partners, but the movie seems to center heavily on that idea.

It makes sense that the characters lack trust in each other, especially since they’re all strangers to begin with, but it’s not easy to approve of them when they constantly turn their backs on each other. In comparison, the Unexplored the games pride themselves on the strong bonds between their beloved characters, which creates higher stakes.

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