10 well-written sci-fi movie characters ruined by a scene


Science fiction is a genre that focuses on humans and their connection to technology, other civilizations, and, at times, monsters. Each of these types of movies needs cool characters that audiences can still relate to even when their circumstances are completely different from the real thing.

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That being said, some of these characters start out really well, but, in an instant, they can easily do something that forces audiences to rethink their feelings about them and the film as a whole. There are a few sci-fi movies in particular where this problem is all too real.

ten Indy climbs refrigerator during nuclear test in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull

Harrison Ford stars in Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones is a beloved character, but this ridiculous scene takes some of her credibility away. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which some fans think is underestimated, surrounds an adventure that leads Indy to discover an ancient alien spaceship, but it’s still a bit more believable than him surviving a nuclear explosion inside a refrigerator.

Of course, Indiana Jones has had its fair share of fights or action scenes that seem a little too cool to be realistic, but the lack of credibility of this scene makes the character difficult to root for as this moment clearly shows how it builds this. movie.

9 Gale blows up Prim in Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Liam Hemsworth plays Gale in Mocking Jay Part 2

The hunger Games The franchise has had a huge impact in theaters as it has drawn all kinds of audiences and started a trend of turning dystopian books into movies. Mockingjay Part 2, which leaves a few questions unanswered, is the final installment in the series. In it, one of Katniss’ best friends, Gale, accidentally kills his sister with a bomb, ruining him as a character.

After this scene, Katniss cuts Gale off completely, even though he was her only friend who stayed with her and helped keep her mother and sister safe in District 12 before the uprising. Gale was previously seen as a nice person and even a potential love interest for Katniss, but this scene makes him so unlovable in a way that doesn’t seem true to his character.


8 Lucy turns a computer into Lucy

Scarlett Johansson plays Lucy in Lucy

Lucy is a film that explores the idea that humans only use 10% and reflects on what would happen if they could access it at the same time. This concept has little to no scientific backing, but what ruins the main character, Lucy, in this film is the fact that she becomes a computer at the very end of the film.

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Her decision to become the machine is wrong, and her character is so inhuman that audiences can’t connect with her. She had an interesting trajectory before this scene, but the conclusion to her story is super anti-climatic and a bit of a cop.

seven Anakin becomes Darth Vader and cries out for vengeance for the Sith

Anakin is upset in Revenge of the Sith

Revenge of the Sith is the third Star wars prequel that follows Anakin as he makes his final stint on the dark side. Although he ends up killing children and, indirectly, his wife, the scene that ruins him as a character is when he yells “no” as he realizes what has become of him.

It might be a small action, but it makes him unkind because he’s made all the decisions that got him to this point, consciously. No one has forced him to do anything wrong and he acts like he’s still the victim in this situation.

6 Rey uses force healing in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Rise of Skywalker Kylo Ren and Rey fight to the death

In the third installment of the most recent Star wars trilogy, Rey learns to use the healing force, and in doing so, saves Kylo Ren and many others. When she uses her healing ability, it practically makes the events of past movies look ridiculous as she could have solved all of her issues with this force power.

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Not to mention that force healing completely disrupts the stories of some of the early Star wars movie theater. Rey doing this not only ruins his credibility, but it also creates a major plot hole overall. Star wars universe that fans have definitely turned upside down.

5 Dr. Emma Russell sacrifices herself to save Godzilla in Godzilla

Vera Farmiga as Dr. Emma Russell in her kitchen at the start of Godzilla King of the Monsters

Godzilla, which many Redditors hold unpopular views, follows people who work to protect the world from the great titans who threaten to destroy the world as Godzilla roams the surface of the Earth to help protect it. Dr. Emma Russell is the villain of this story as she unleashes all the titans to get revenge on Godzilla.

In the end, she ends up sacrificing herself to save Godzilla and the rest of the world from the titans she deliberately freed, which is totally unfounded in realistic decision making. As a character, she would have made a good villain, but her logic here is absurd.

4 Norah blows herself up underwater

Norah Price underwater looks at the ocean floor

Submarine is a sci-fi horror film that follows an ocean floor drill crew who must escape the station while avoiding being killed by a mysterious sea creature. Norah Price, played by Kristen Stewart, chooses to blow herself up, with the monster, in revenge.

While she is undeniably able to get to safety by the end of the film and would be able to survive, her anger outweighs her need to live, which is practically against human nature. Norah, in this scene, ruins herself as a character and robs the film of a happy ending.

3 Superman and Batman Bond on their mother’s names both being Martha in Batman Vs Superman

Batman and Superman go head to head in a fight

Batman vs. Superman follows the two superheroes as they go head to head because people fear Superman is too powerful for them to control or stop if he does something wrong towards humanity. What ruins these two superheroes in this movie is their dialogue during their fight scene that sort of makes them line up as a team.

The link to their mother’s two names being Martha, which is less convincing considering they previously tried to kill each other. This movie tries to make these characters serious and dramatic, but this scene makes them both sound like fools.

2 Maisie Lockwood is a clone in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Maisie, Owen and Claire are hiding from a dinosaur

Fallen kingdom talks about Claire and Owen’s return to Isla Nublar to save the remaining dinosaurs and introduces Maisie Lockwood, the granddaughter of Benjamin Lockwood, a former business partner of park owner John Hammond.

Maisie is a lovable girl with no family to take care of her, but what ruins her character is the fact that at the end of the movie, it is revealed that she is, in fact, a clone of the daughter of Lockwood. It’s a twist that doesn’t affect the plot much and Maisie is less human and less likable because of that choice.

1 Rick Deckard defeats Rachael in Blade Runner (1982)

Deckard and Rachael argue in the light of day.

Blade runner, who influenced The matrix greatly, follows Rich Deckard, a replicant hunter who falls in love with Rachael who is a replicant herself. Deckard is played by Harrison Ford, which adds to the character’s stoicism and harsh façade.

However, when Deckard does end up on Rachael, the scene seems rubbish, but consensual as he grabs her forcefully and kisses her aggressively. His image of being a mysterious futuristic man is eclipsed right now by his aggressive and frightening nature. No one likes to see violence against women and that makes Deckard extremely hateful.

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