355 movie: Jessica Chastain and Diane Kruger fight to save the world from villains in new action thriller

Jessica Chastain is directing the cast of the new female action thriller, “The 355”.

The movie involves a lethal weapon and the women who go to work and hit a lot of you-know-what to try and save the day.

In the film, these women end up teaming up with other strong women on an international mission to recover a top secret weapon.

Jessica Chastain plays a CIA agent in the middle of it all while Diane Kruger is a German rival. Suddenly, they and others become a team to try and protect us all from the bad guys.

The action in the film gets intense, especially for Chastain, who suffered a head injury during filming.

“I went to the hospital! Yes ! I banged my head against the marble floor at one point and heard a crackle. And everyone was like, “Oh my God! “And then I did a few more takes,” said Chastain. “And then they say to me, ‘Okay, you have to go to the hospital now to make sure you haven’t had a concussion. . ‘”

Kruger said she became remarkably strong directing this movie because of all the training.

“I felt like I was in training camp for a whole summer,” Kruger said. “We all came out of that experience stronger, better versions of ourselves. And I felt like doing it with your girlfriends and we all became friends. You know, there was a real sense of the camaraderie in this movie, to this day, ”she added. .

The film also stars Sebastian Stan, who said they got down to business right after reading the script for the first time.

“And then we had a five and a half hour rehearsal afterwards, where everyone was talking about the script and the scenes and what, what could, what should stay, what should change,” said Stan. “And you’re just looking around this table like, ‘I’d better have a really smart thing to say or I’m going to say anything!'”

“The 355” is classified PG-13. It’ll be in theaters on Friday, January 7.

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