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Forget Sarah Marshall presents an offbeat romantic comedy set in breathtaking Hawaiian landscapes. It’s one of Jason Segel’s highest-rated films, and it won’t come as a surprise to fans who love comedy. Several idiosyncrasies make the film interesting, from its lively cast to unique elements like Peter Bretter’s vampire musical.

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Many different moving parts come together in Forget Sarah Marshall, and some fans might wonder how the movie came to be. Behind-the-scenes facts and hidden details might give fans a better understanding of one of their favorite comedies from the late 2000s.


Hawaii’s state fish is real

Dwayne the bartender in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

die-hard fans of Forget Sarah Marshall probably remember Da’Vone McDonald’s Dwayne, one of the bartenders at Turtle Bay Resort. He is often on display to advise Peter and the other guests. During one scene, he brags about his knowledge of Hawaiian fish.

For those unaware, his naming of the Hawaii state fish may not seem real. However, he is right to call it Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. This is the real name of Hawaii’s state fish, also known as the reef triggerfish.

Mila Kunis nude topless photo is fake

Rachel stands with her hands on her hips while wearing a flower in her hair in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Some fans might say Forget Sarah MarshallHilarious quotes from make her the funniest moments. However, others might point to physical gags like Peter and Rachel Jansen’s cliff jumping, or Peter’s memorable nude scene in the film’s opening moments.

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However, Jason Segel’s Peter isn’t the only character who seems to put up with it all in the film. In a bar sequence, a shot of a topless Mila Kunis is introduced and later becomes a plot point. However, black book revealed that this photo was taken on a computer and that Kunis does not appear topless in the film.

A prophetic puppet moment

Jason Segel in The Muppets

Part of Jason Segel’s impressive performance in Forget Sarah Marshall comes with his musical talent. He plays the piano and sings in the film, achieving several musical moments. At one point he plays part of the theme for The puppet show of the late 1970s.

Jason Segel fans know he stars in one of the highest rated Muppet movies, The Muppets. Forget Sarah Marshall came out three years prior, so Segel’s addition of the melody feels like it predicted the future of his career. Nick Stoller directed both films.

The naked breakup was based on real events

One of the film’s most shocking surprises appears early on. During Peter and Sarah Marshall’s breakup, Jason Segel’s Peter drops his towel and is shown naked from the front onscreen. The moment makes for an unexpected laugh, but there’s more to the moment than shock.

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The New York Times revealed that the hysterical streak is from real life. Jason Segel says he had a real naked breakup before filming the comedy. Maybe the moment wasn’t quite as funny in real life, but it makes for a great scene.

It was filmed on location

Paul Rudd teaches Jason Segel to surf in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Part of the pleasant nature of Forget Sarah Marshall comes from its landscape. Most of the film takes place in a resort town in Hawaii, and the cast and crew of the film all traveled to the beautiful islands to film the film.

Additionally, the story takes place at the Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu. The station is a real place, and many scenes are shot there. The station also appears in Dave and Mike need wedding datesone of Adam Devine’s most hilarious films.

A Grammy-winning Hawaiian musician helped write the soundtrack

Daniel Ho playing the ukulele on stage.

Music is a big part of Forget Sarah Marshall. Russell Brand’s Aldous Snow is a musician, Peter Bretter is a musician, and there are several musical sequences throughout the film. Some of his Hawaiian music comes from a pro.

Daniel Ho wrote several tracks for the film. He specializes in ukulele and Hawaiian music and has received several accolades for his work, having released over 50 albums. He is credited under the alias Coconutz for his tracks.

Cynthia Nixon makes an appearance

Forget Sarah Marshall: Cynthia Nixon

Fans of the movie might remember a moment when Peter Bretter made a sex and the city reference. Peter gets drunk at the bar while staying at the hotel and says “what’s up, Miranda?” before doing a Samantha Jones impersonation while holding a martini glass.

Eagle-eyed fans will notice that Cynthia Nixon, who plays Miranda, quickly walks behind Peter before her impression is even complete.

Jason Segel wrote the music for the film

Jason Segel plays piano alongside Kristin Bell in Forgetting Sarah MARshall.

Perhaps the most eccentric plot arc of Forget Sarah Marshall comes with Peter’s dream of producing a Dracula musical using a puppet cast and featuring an extensive catalog of original songs. Fans hear Peter perform one of the songs in full in Hawaii.

Audiences can also listen to other chunks of tunes throughout the story. Segel is credited for “Dracula Lament” on the film’s soundtrack and also worked on songs for Infant Sorrow, Aldous Snow’s fictional band.

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