Actor Adrian Martinez has sold a building to make his film “iGilbert”

Adrian Martinez is a familiar face in film and television. Now he sees a dream come true as a screenwriter, director, producer and star of the new movie “iGilbert”.

Martinez plays Gilbert Gonzalez in the drama. He is 39 years old, he lives with his mother and he feels invisible. When asked if he had ever felt this, his response: “Absolutely, 100%.”

“And this is the movie for anyone who’s ever felt that, who’s ever gone through life saying, ‘Look, you don’t understand me’ or you walk the streets and you feel totally invisible. I mean , we all had this Gilbert moment. ” Martinez continued. “This movie is really about connection and given the world we live in now, I really think it’s super important to talk about it.”

Her character, Gilbert, struggles to connect. Instead, he finds himself recording women on his cell phone and fantasizing about his neighbor, the only woman he loves.

Martinez has worked as a character actor for about three decades. He wrote “iGilbert” 10 years ago, ultimately using his money to really make it happen.

“I moved the money from savings to checks, which I don’t recommend. I don’t recommend doing this anymore. I said to my kid, “Look, the good news is I’m making a movie and the bad news is you’re ‘not going to college.’ So we’ll see how it goes, ”joked Martinez.

In addition to acting, Martinez was a homeowner in New York City. He sold his property to finance his dream. He said he took a deep breath and jumped in.

“When you’re at that price point,” he said of his film budget, “the big special effect is the human heart. It’s really the emotional lives of these characters.”

Martinez is now working on a television pilot. He’s also written another movie and he says there’s more to come.

“Oh, I cook, man. I cook,” he said.

“iGilbert” debuts on iTunes on Friday. It is noted R for the language.

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