Arabian Camels’ NFT movie ‘Antara’ to be released on January 12


Arabian Camels, an NFT community that creates a Hollywood film “Antara” based on the life of former Arab knight Antarah Ibn Shaddad, today announced its retirement from NFT on January 12, with the integration of the exchange of MoonPay cryptocurrency.

The integration will allow individuals to purchase Ethereum from its official site powered by MoonPay, which supports the project.

Antara Movie NFT is the first NFT that allows a buyer to digitally own the rights to the Hollywood film, allowing the holders to share in box office and streaming revenue.

NFT holders can also get up to 80% return on their NFTs during production, partnering with the Swapp Protocol, making Antara the first major film in history to be funded by an NFT, and Arabian Camels. the first NFT community to jointly produce and own the rights to a $ 50 million Hollywood film.

Before the public are cleared to strike, a private pre-sale for the Antara Movie NFT will take place on January 12. It will only be available to those who own an Arabian Camel NFT. NFT owners will get a portion of the intellectual property rights to the $ 50 million Hollywood war epic, “Antara.” Antara Movie NFT seeks to grant buyers up to 50% of the intellectual property rights in “Antara”.

Members of the Arabian Camel NFT community will share ownership of the film, obtain roles in the film, be credited as producers, and join the production team for exclusive on-set gatherings in the Arabian Desert with the cast and the team.

“The impact that Arabian Camel will have on Hollywood is immense. It is an exciting and revolutionary initiative that will breathe new life into the film industry,” said Josef Brandmaier, producer.

“SC Films supports filmmakers who walk the artist’s journey to realize a film’s full commercial potential: Antara is Hollywood’s first low-budget film as NFT. Antara is innovative and disrupts the established funding order which is controlled by a small oligopoly in Hollywood; democratization and decentralization are long overdue, “said Matthew Joynes, producer.

Arabian Camels has also collaborated with Dominic Ryder, CEO of vEmpire, whose token recently climbed 1,500% to a market cap of $ 100 million. Dominic Ryder Protocol is designing and creating the ANTARA Play-To-Earn game

Antarah Ibn Shaddad was a black slave in ancient / pre-Islamic Arabia, who gained his freedom and became a noble knight. He rose to fame in the 5th century, not only because of his character and battlefield prowess, but also because of his miraculous talent as a poet. His poetry was held in such high esteem that it was actually sewn with gold and hung in the Kaaba in Mecca before the time of Islam. To this day, if one studies Arabic literature in Oxford or Cambridge, Antara’s poetry is still studied and revered.


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