Batgirl Movie Image Reveals First Look at Barbara Gordon’s Costume


Leslie Grace, star of HBO Max’s standalone Batgirl, takes to Instagram to reveal a first look at Barbara Gordon’s accurate Batgirl costume.

HBO Max star Leslie Grace bat girl, shares an official first look at Barbara Gordon’s new costume for the upcoming film. The film will mark Batgirl’s second live-action feature film appearance, the first being in 1997. batman and robin where she was played by Alicia Silverstone. Since then, Batman live-action films have tended to move away from Caped Crusader’s colorful cast of young sidekicks; they were thought to be at odds with the grittier renditions of Batman that have come into fashion since the turn of the century. Now, however, as the DCEU seeks to expand its cinematic universe, Warner Bros. seems to break their unspoken rule.


In DC Comics lore, Batgirl is Barbara Gordon’s secret alias. Barbara is the daughter of James Gordon, who is the Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department and a close ally of Batman. In most portrayals of the character, James is unaware of his daughter’s double life as a masked vigilante. With JK Simmons confirmed to reprise his role as Commissioner Gordon, he and Grace are likely to share many scenes together in the film.

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Now, Grace has shown off her Batgirl costume in all its glory on Instagram. The costume fully embraces Batgirl’s colorful comic book origins in the vein of recent DCEU films, with bright purples and yellows adorning most traditional portrayals of the character. Batgirl herself poses against the gothic architecture with her signature red hair blowing in the wind. Check out Grace’s post with the full body pic, shared by bat girl co-director, Adil El Arbi, below:

With the years 2022 the flash serving as the swan song for Ben Affleck’s tenure as Batman, Michael Keaton is set to take up the mantle in Bat girl. Keaton’s Batman will also make his first DCEU appearance in the flash, although it’s currently unclear how Affleck will pass the baton to the senior Dark Knight. Regardless of the circumstances, Keaton’s older take on the iconic superhero is sure to set him and his relationship with Barbara apart from other recent iterations of the character.

Warner Bros. recently announced that blue beetle, another movie set in the DCEU that was meant to be a streaming exclusive, would instead receive a traditional theatrical run. Unfortunately, there are no plans for bat girl receive the same treatment; it seems the studio is still hesitant to fully commit to releasing exclusive superhero movies. With filming well underway in Glasgow, there’s still plenty of time for the studio to announce one for bat girl also.

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Source: Leslie Grace, Adil El Arbi

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