Bob’s Burgers movie repeats The Deepening Gag


After 12 spectacular seasons with the wonderful Belcher family, Bob’s Burgers movie information hits theaters next month. A recently released trailer didn’t reveal many details, except for the family’s usual financial troubles, Linda’s upbeat attitude, and a giant geyser-like sinkhole opening up directly in front of the restaurant. While movies based on sitcoms tend to up the ante, the giant disasters in front of Bob’s Burgers aren’t too surprising; in fact, Season 3 already touched on this plot point – and even added a giant mechanical shark to the mix.

Bob’s Burgers Season 3, Episode 6, “The Deepening,” sees an all-new and horribly dangerous addition to Wonder Wharf. Named after the Jaws-esque film set in the seaside town of Belchers, the episode – like most – begins in the restaurant, with the titular Deepening play overhead. Seeing his “star”, a mechanical shark, for sale online, Bob suggests that its wealthy owner, Mr. Fischoeder, buy the prop as a tourist attraction. As Teddy seems mysteriously discouraged by the shark’s presence in town, everyone responds to the idea with enthusiasm, especially the caring Tina, who – after hearing about the shark’s tragic story – yearns to form a friendship with him. .

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Bob's Burgers Hole for Shark

Things go pear-shaped as planned, however, when Louise – at the request of one of her “guys” – tries to steal the shark’s mechanical fin. Or, more specifically, tries to trick Gene into stealing the fin. Its added weight knocks the beast over, sending the swinging mechanical menace streaking past the security strip and into the unsuspecting city. Bob, acting as block captain, devises a series of plans to stop him.

After road spikes, oil, and a crane only make the monster more destructive, Bob puts his final plan into motion: a giant hole is dug in the concrete, seemingly trapping the shark underground. The town rejoices over the shark’s disappearance until it begins digging under Bob’s Burgers. Terrified, Mort, Teddy and Bob decide to stop him once and for all.

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Bob's Burgers Bob Saves Teddy

It is revealed that a botched romantic relationship sparked Teddy’s hatred towards the shark. Once a buff and tanned budding actor, his time on the set of Deepening changed it. Eager to date his cute co-star, the shark’s unexpected move startled Teddy, causing him to douse him with soda and ruin his chances. His subsequent heartbreak over the rejection led to weight gain, and while it didn’t make sense to Bob, Teddy has since blamed the shark.

With an almost identical sinkhole forming in front of the restaurant at Bob’s Burgers movie information, Teddy’s longtime nemesis — or at the very least, the consequences of ensnaring him — may have resurfaced on the big screen. And while longtime fans will certainly love an encore, audiences are unlikely to even remember the shark – or his sweet death via a serving machine.

Contrary to The Simpsons movieIt seems that Bob’s Burgers does not care to venture beyond what has already been explored. But things are not always what they seem. Between the Belchers’ growing financial troubles, a brand new fling with Kuchi Kopi, and Tina’s apparent telekinesis, it’s likely that Bob’s Burgers movie information will be something exciting for fans and newcomers alike.

The Bob’s Burgers movie hits theaters May 27.

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