Brad Pitt says he’s on the last leg of his movie career


If you’re wondering why it seems like Brad Pitt is taking on fewer and fewer movie roles, it’s because he’s becoming more selective as he nears the end of his career. This assessment comes straight from Brad Pitt himself, in a new long profile on the actor, ahead of his new movie. High-speed train hits theaters.

Talk with QG, Brad Pitt explains why he considers his current race as the sunset of his acting career: I consider myself on my last step. This last semester or quarter. What will this section be? And how do I want to design that?”

Brad Pitt has been appearing in television and film since the late 1980s, and the list of his iconic roles and performances spans every decade he works in. At the same time, Pitt is only well into his 50s (58 to be precise), and based on his looks alone, it’s easy to see he could still have a long career as a former man. State of an actor – in the same vein as a Paul Newman or Robert Redford. The man who starred in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button could truly end up making hearts swoon as he ages into a little old man. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

That said, Brad Pitt doesn’t need to rest his career on acting laurels — he’s grown to be much more since his humble beginnings in the industry. Pitt is an accomplished producer and executive producer, for example, his production company Plan B Entertainment having earned him as many prestigious awards as a producer as well as an actor. So even though this is the last part of Brad Pitt’s work as an on-screen actor, his behind-the-scenes influence as a powerhouse Hollywood producer and actor is so much more immense and could easily be his goal for the rest of his years. .

(Photo: Columbia Pictures)

Pitt has had his fair share of challenges in his personal life, most notably with alcoholism and drug addiction. His decades-long tabloid spotlight was something he admitted was personally grueling and affected his high-profile relationships. A future where making money and helping run the entertainment industry – with far less media attention – seems like a bright future. It’s not really the time for Brad Pitt to think about Marvel and/or DC roles…

High-speed train will be in theaters on August 5.


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