Christopher Walken Joins the Marvel Movie Review Debate


Actor Christopher Walken has joined the ongoing critical Marvel debate, offering a thoughtful response regarding massive movie budgets.

Christopher Walken weighs in on the ongoing debate around wonder and the MCU. Walken is one of the most recognizable actors working in Hollywood today, with a career dating back to the 1950s. The actor is best known for his roles in films like The deer hunter and Catch Me If You Can, and most recently gained wide acclaim for his role as Burt on the Apple TV+ show Breakup. Walken also recently starred in the highly anticipated Denis Villeneuve film. Dune: second part, should play the role of Emperor Shaddam IV.

Despite his long and varied career, Walken has yet to star in a Marvel movie. The MCU as it exists today, which largely dates back to 2008 Iron Man, has been the subject of much debate in the Hollywood community. The argument was thrust into the limelight in 2019, when iconic director Martin Scorsese said that Marvel movies weren’t cinema, and were more akin to “amusement parkMany actors and directors have since weighed in on the argument, including Francis Ford Coppola, who agreed with Scorsese’s sentiment, and Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson, who has defended Marvel films as a valuable art form.


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In a new interview with The Sydney Morning Herald to promote his latest show, The Outlaws, Walken joins the ongoing debate around Marvel movies. The actor explains that with the huge budgets of MCU films, a dozen smaller films could be made. Walken also talks about the state of the film industry more generally, lamenting that smaller movies no longer have a place in theaters and only big tentpole movies get the theatrical release treatment. Check out Walken’s full comment below:

Nobody asked me to do a Marvel! But I think it’s a shame that with a movie that costs $200 million to make, you know, dozens of little movies could be made for that money. And then it’s a shame that if you’re making a film now, it’s unlikely to be seen in a [cinema] unless it’s one of those big ones. Smaller movies are more likely to go straight to the small screen.

Frank talks to someone on the street in The Outlaws

The debate surrounding Marvel movies is obviously polarizing, even for well-known people in Hollywood, but Walken’s comment demonstrates that the argument against Marvel and the MCU can generally be split into two distinct ideas. While the actor’s opinion echoes Scorsese’s in some ways, he notably doesn’t question the validity of Marvel movies as art, and instead focuses on the downsides of the movies’ gargantuan budgets and on the state of the industry as a whole.

Challenging MCU Movies Being Considered”movie theater“or a worthwhile art form elicited reasonable retorts from Jackson and even Wanda Vision star Elizabeth Olsen, but there’s no denying that the cinematic landscape today is vastly different from the one that existed when the first Iron Man has been freed. While many audiences would surely love to see smaller, author-driven films make their return to theaters, MCU movies like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man: No Coming Home succeed in bringing the public back to theaters at a crucial moment in the history of cinema. It remains to be seen what the future holds for movies and whether Walken will get his wish for smaller movies to return, but for now, wonder movies are definitely here to stay.

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Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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