Comment: Will only a Marvel blockbuster draw moviegoers to theaters?


Take the original Don’t Look Up starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, which only managed to earn US$800,000 at the box office, a pittance compared to its US$75 million production budget.

Paramount sold it to Netflix, for an undisclosed amount, but reports suggest that US$55 million went to the film’s two leads, Leonardo Di Caprio and Jennifer Lawrence, far more than the US$20 million average. that Hollywood pays to its A-listers.

The result? It was the second most-watched show on Netflix 28 days after its release.

If that’s any indication, then the future of cinema looks a lot like the world of franchise fandom, potentially dominated by Marvel, Star Wars, DC and the like, while more unknown works may find a fan base on the small screen. That is, until studios decide that even the franchise’s fandom prefers WFH – watching from home.


However, all this will be very unfortunate. As a former film critic, some of my best cinematic experiences have been seeing new, original, non-franchise films on the big screen. You fell in love with Pulp Fiction or The Usual Suspects, not because they had explosive special effects, but because you paid attention to the exciting dialogues and the slightly more convoluted plot

In a movie theater, you’re caught in the moment and won’t be distracted by your second screen asking you to play Candy Crush. These movies were great because you watched them all in one go.


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