Daredevil’s No Way Home scene has a connection to the 2003 film


With the appearance of the Kingpin in Hawk Eye and the appearance of Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Coming Home, the main MCU is finally acknowledging fan-favorite characters from Netflix Marvel shows that were canceled in one fell swoop after Disney announced the launch of its own streaming service. Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock set the tone for Netflix’s gritty, street-level perspective of the MCU with razor-sharp writing, brutal action sequences, and a genuine sense of humanity.


Cox only appears in one scene from No coming home, but his brief appearance as Spidey’s lawyer will hopefully be a stepping stone to a handful of future MCU appearances. Daredevil’s cameo in No coming home and the Kingpin’s role in Hawk Eye feel like easter eggs confirming the existence of the characters in the “Sacred Timeline” universe before much larger roles later down the line. The Man Without Fear could team up with She-Hulk to defend superheroes in court or team up with Spider-Man to take down the Kingpin’s criminal empire once and for all or get a well-deserved fourth season of his show. streaming on Disney+ (or even a mid-budget R-rated solo film).

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When it was created in 2015, daredevil was a refreshing change of pace, met with nearly universal praise from fans and critics alike. Not only did the series have fast-paced storytelling, gripping cinematography, and more visceral fight choreography than any other on-air superhero show; he finally did the character justice on screen after the disappointment of the 2003 solo film.

Charlie Cox as Daredevil in a basement

Years after the vitriolic response to the daredevil film, Ben Affleck returned to the comic book genre to play Batman in the DC Extended Universe. This widely acclaimed turn was one of the few elements of the SnyderVerse that wasn’t hugely polarizing. Affleck’s take on the simmering rage facing Bruce Wayne has been hailed as a perfect portrayal of the much-loved superhero. In batman versus superman and the two versions of Justice League, Affleck has proven he can play a masked crime fighter perfectly. Unfortunately, this did not materialize in daredevil. In daredevil, Affleck’s Murdock is bland at his best and brash and obnoxious at his worst. Cox’s acclaimed turn in the Netflix series gave the character the kind of depth, nuance, and emotional resonance that the film lacked.

The 2003 daredevil the film is not a total failure. Thanks to Affleck’s real-life relationship with Jennifer Garner, there’s a lot of chemistry between Daredevil and Elektra. And there are some impressive portrayals of iconic Marvel villains: the late, great Michael Clarke Duncan has a sinister take on Wilson Fisk, and Colin Farrell puts on a delightfully eccentric (and truly psychotic) spin as Bullseye. But in terms of portraying the character of Daredevil and exploring his psychology, the film doesn’t compare to the Netflix series.

Jon Favreau and Ben Affleck as Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock in Daredevil

Whether it’s intentional or not, there’s a subtle connection between Daredevil’s surprise cameo in No coming home and the much-maligned 2003 solo film. In No coming homeJon Favreau plays Happy Hogan opposite Cox’s Daredevil, and in 2003 daredevil, he played Foggy Nelson – legal partner and best friend of Matt Murdock – opposite Affleck’s Daredevil. In both of these Marvel roles, Favreau provides comic relief (although he lands more effectively with the MCU’s sharper writing). Favreau’s chemistry with Affleck in daredevil works well, but it lacks the flair and liveliness of its dynamic with Robert Downey, Jr., Marisa Tomei, and Tom Holland in the MCU.

With his breakthrough hit from 2008 Iron Man, Favreau created the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Favreau hadn’t blocked the landing with Iron Man, No coming home would not exist. Favreau hasn’t directed a Marvel movie since. iron man 2. For the past two years, the prolific writer-director-actor has focused on building the mandalorian-verse on Disney+, but he remained in the MCU stable thanks to his recurring role as Happy Hogan. Although he originally played Happy as Tony Stark’s security chief in the Iron Man movies, the character has since become something of a father figure to Peter Parker and an on-and-off love interest of Aunt May. Due to his connection to Spidey’s alleged crimes, Happy is one of the associates who finds himself in legal trouble when the Daily Bugle reveals his identity.

One of the most memorable moments from the Daredevil scene revolves around Murdock’s interaction with Happy. While Murdock assures Spidey that the charges against him will not stand, he warns Happy that his charges will and that he will need “a really good lawyer.” When a brick flies through the window at Peter’s head and Murdock grabs it without wasting time, he jokes, “I’m a very good lawyer.” Favreau’s acting in this scene is hilarious, as a troubled Happy tries to remember the phrase that the mafiosos in Freedmen used to avoid testifying in court. If Matt isn’t available to represent Happy, maybe Elden Henson’s Foggy Nelson could take his case.

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