DEE SNIDER’s new horror film will begin pre-production in June


Dee SniderThe new horror film, which he writes and directs, will begin pre-production in June.

the TWISTED SISTER leader, who previously wrote and starred in the 1998 cult horror film “Foreign Land”, offered a timeline for his new project in a tweet earlier today. He wrote, “You mean a major distraction? My next horror movie (which I’ve written and directed) is green lit and begins pre-production in 4 weeks! In between, I have 3 weeks pre-planned vacation (two years ago before covid, canceled twice). When I get home, I’m leaving the next day! Yeah/Yuck!”

less than two years ago, Sniper revealed that he plans to direct a horror film based on a script he wrote, titled “The Enemy of My Enemy”. The film is based on a true crime series that took place in his hometown of Long Island, New York in 1982.

“I had my movie that was supposed to go into production and there are some business aspects that even now are moving slowly because there are some things you can still put together,” he said. Pop Matters at the time. “You can always work slowly on the production elements and everything. I was also asked to write a reimagining of another classic 80s horror movie that I can’t mention by name. I was working on the treatment for that, so they make deals with that and I’m going to start writing the script.”

Sniper went on to say that there are powerful people in the film industry who think he’s “the next Rob Zombie, the horror writer/director/creator turned rock star. That’s why they’re funding me for these two movies and their plan is to turn me into that,” he said. “I’m ready to be turned into that. This is a place where I have lingered and written for many, many years. With my screenwriting, I am now firing on all cylinders. It’s a very important part.”

Dee added that he enjoys being creative without being noticed as a singer or actor.

“I really like that part of not being on stage, not being in front of the camera, not being in front, just being the creative force behind it because it’s so freeing for me,” he said. -he declares. “As long as I can create it on the page and an actor/actress can portray it convincingly, I can be anyone. I’m so free to be any age, any color , any gender with the word written in. It’s something that I’m really striving for. I don’t plan on being on stage for the rest of my life.

Sniper previously narrated the game and metal show “Metal Live Casino” in regards to “The Enemy of My Enemy”: ““The Enemy of My Enemy” is powerfully disturbing. People told me after ‘Foreign Land’, why didn’t I do something else, and I said “because I had no idea; I just didn’t want to do something typical. And a crime was committed where I grew up on Long Island in 1982. It’s considered the most horrific crime in the history of the area I grew up in. Each of those convicted received 365 years in prison – each – for the crime. I took this story and said, ‘Well, what if…?’ And I’m being very general, because I don’t want to give away too much at this point. But I said, ‘What if when this crime happens, a Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees showed up – someone who was worse. And “The Enemy of My Enemy” is about, can we join, when we are enemies, to fight a greater enemy? If you just had horrible things done to you by people, but could you work with them to fight someone who was even more horrible. So it’s based on a true story, but then I went for what I call the X factor and went to a fantasy world. So I think people are going to be very upset, but they’re going to enjoy it.”


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