Despite a weak climax, ATTACK PART 1 works thanks to a new scenario


Attack – Part I Review {3.0/5} and Rating

ATTACK – PART 1 is the story of the world’s first super soldier. In 2010, army officer Arjun Shergill (John Abraham) and his team infiltrate a terrorist camp and catch a feared terrorist, Rahman Gul. Her teenage son, Hamid Gul, is found with a suicide bomb. Arjun defuses it and allows Hamid to survive. Nowadays, Arjun meets Ayesha (Jacqueline Fernandez), an air hostess. The two fall in love with each other and begin a romantic relationship. One day, Arjun is going to receive Ayesha at the airport. This is when the terrorists make a surprise attack. Ayesha is killed in the chaos and Arjun is seriously injured. Arjun regains consciousness in the hospital to find that he is paralyzed below the neck. He becomes depressed. Meanwhile, he learns that Hamid Gul (Elham Ehsas), now an adult, has carried out terrorist attacks against India. Due to these growing threats, Subramaniam (Prakash Jha), a high-ranking Indian government officer, suggests that a super soldier program be started. According to this program, a chip will be surgically implanted in a soldier. This will make him nearly invincible and a one man army. The Prime Minister approves of the idea. Saba Qureshi (Rakul Preet Singh) is the idea behind this program and it insists that only a paralyzed soldier can be chosen for the experiment. Subramaniam approaches Arjun who immediately accepts, knowing that the experiment may fail. Fortunately, the operation is successful and Arjun is once able to walk and move his limbs as before. Little by little, he understands his strengths and how to use them. Even before he can be completely ready, he is given a dangerous mission. Hamid Gul and his gang infiltrate the Indian Parliament. They take the Prime Minister and hundreds of others as hostages, including Saba. What happens next shapes the rest of the film.

The story of John Abraham is a novel for Indian audiences. No Bollywood movie has ever addressed this idea. The screenplay by Lakshya Raj Anand, Sumit Batheja and Vishal Kapoor has its merits. Writing is quick and efficient. The whole idea of ​​the super soldier is explained in such a way that even a layman can understand it. Unfortunately, the writers spoil the climax. Plus, a few plot points give a deja vu of several Hollywood films in this space. The dialogues of Lakshya Raj Anand, Sumit Batheja and Vishal Kapoor are conversational.

The direction of Lakshya Raj Anand is quite good, especially since this is his debut. ATTACK – PART 1 is an actor and he makes sure the movie has enough fights to keep the interest going. It also excels in romantic portions. The emotional moments also stand out. Arjun’s pain can be felt when confined to his bed or wheelchair. The way he transforms into a super soldier and understands what he is capable of makes this a great watch. On the other hand, the events are reminiscent of movies like CAPTAIN AMERICA, AVATAR, INCEPTION and several other Hollywood movies. Arjun talking to his AI assistant Ira is similar to JARVIS from Iron Man, EDITH from Spider-Man, and Eddie Brock conversing with Venom. While the dramatic construction is massive, the action sequences are westernized. The general public might not be able to relate to it fully. Some changes are very practical.

ATTACK – PART 1’s start is decent. The film picks up when Arjun woos Ayesha in vol. Arjun’s accident and the scenes that follow are moving. The scene where Arjun is finally able to move his hand after the operation is praiseworthy. The same goes for the sequence where Arjun fights the thieves. The intermission point is exciting. After the interval, a few scenes stand out like the Home Secretary (Rajit Kapur) insisting on accepting the terrorists’ demands while the army officer opposes it and Arjun fighting the bad guys in the library and more late in the central hall. The climax, as mentioned above, is an anti-climax.

John Abraham is in great shape, and much better than he was in his recent films. He shines in emotional scenes and of course is at his best when doing action. Jacqueline Fernandez looks lovely in a cameo. However, it sounds too much like his role in the recently released movie, BACHCHHAN PAANDEY. Rakul Preet Singh puts on a confident act. She has a crucial role to play. Elham Ehsas is fine as a villain. Prakash Raj is quite entertaining. Ratna Pathak Shah is fine and plays a crucial role in the opening 30 minutes. Later, she disappears. Rajit Kapur is awesome while Kiran Kumar (Army Chief) is wasted. The actor playing Rahman Gul is nothing special.

Shashwat Sachdev’s music is weak. ‘Ik Tu Hai’ works because of the situation. ‘Main Nai Tuttna’ and “Phir Se Zara” fails to register. ‘La La La’ is the only song that stands out and is quite catchy. Shashwat Sachdev’s background music is sleek and works. The cinematography from Will Humphris, PS Vinod and Soumik Mukherjee is refreshing and a few takes are memorably shot. Garima Mathur’s production design is realistic, especially the Parliament Hall. Rohit Chaturvedi’s costumes are glamorous but straight out of life. The action of Franz Spilhaus, Amritpal Singh and Amin Khatib is one of the strengths of the film. Famulus Media And Entertainment’s visual effects are terrific and one of the best in Bollywood. Aarif Sheikh’s editing is sharp.

Overall, ATTACK – PART 1 works thanks to John Abraham’s new concept, action, visual effects and top-notch performance. So, despite the limited buzz and a weak climax, the film can perform at the box office and enjoy the clean two-week run.


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