Die Hard is a Christmas movie for the same reasons Die Hard 2 is not


With so much debate over whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie, just watch how it competes thematically with the sequel.

It’s that time of year again when eggnog is served, the tree is pruned and the debate rages on whether or not Die hard is a Christmas movie. Some movies are obviously a Christmas movie, like It’s a wonderful life Where 8-bit Christmas, while other movies just take place at Christmas, like Iron man 3. Die hard is truly a Christmas movie, and the most significant proof of this is that its sequel Die hard 2 is not in itself a Christmas movie, although it also takes place during the holidays. The essential difference lies in the themes of the two films.

In Die hard, Bruce Willis plays NYPD Detective John McClane. He travels to Los Angeles to visit his wife Holly, who has started work with the Nakatomi Corporation. He arrives in time for the holiday party, which is disrupted by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) and his team on a mission to steal $ 640 million in bearer bonds. While at its core the film is an action film, the film also contains sentimental themes that align it with a Christmas movie.

Die hard

One of the fundamental themes of Christmas movies is the value of family. Christmas movies are full of examples of people learning to appreciate family and quality time, and movies like The family man and The family stone are all about families getting together for the holidays. Die hard about John and Holly reconnecting and resolving their marriage issues, leaving the film stronger and happier as a result of their trip. John learns to value Holly’s new role and remembers that their relationship is more important than her pride, which makes it a classic Christmas bow.

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The family extends to other themes that permeate the film, including love against capitalism. Other Christmas movies, like Elf, dealing with characters remembering that the real importance of vacations comes from quality time with loved ones, not money. The protagonist of Die hard is a family man, and the antagonist, Gruber, is a greedy thief whose only interest is money, attributing to the classic Christmas movie theme of love is greater than money.

It is not enough Die hard thematically turns out to be a Christmas movie. The real definitive proof comes from the fact that no other movie in the franchise is a Christmas movie, including Die hard 2, which also takes place on Christmas Eve. Die hard 2 ‘Completely different themes prove that just because a movie is set at Christmas doesn’t mean the movie is a Christmas movie.

John takes on a new gang of international terrorists in Die hard 2, who take control of an international airport traffic control center in order to get the corrupt foreign military leader, General Ramon Esperanza, out of federal custody. John is again forced to think and put himself in danger to save the day and his wife.

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Die hard 2The main themes of s are related to patriotism and duty, which are not holiday themes. The terrorists John fights are ex-military, and these terrorists lost sight of their original goals by joining the military. Moreover, they saw the failures of blind patriotism and disillusionment. Finally, their sense of duty shifts from America to self-interest.

Die Hard 2 themes prohibit the film from being a real Christmas movie, despite being set at Christmas, when Die hardThe themes are what make this a Christmas movie. Die hard is absolutely a Christmas movie, and the proof is in its themes and the contrasting themes of its sequel. Christmas movies are more than a time of year, they are a feeling.

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