Dwayne Johnson teases Black Adam movie script with lyrics by Johnny Cash


With Black Adam set to begin production, star Dwayne Johnson reveals the importance of Johnny Cash’s lyrics found in the script.

Dwayne Johnson reveals how certain Johnny Cash lyrics were used to inform Black adam‘s character. For years now, Johnson has been working on bringing a Black Adam movie to the public. He was first cast in the DCEU in 2014 (although his earlier efforts date back to 2008), with an eye on Black Adam introduced in Shazam. However, that was later changed, and Johnson was expected to make his DC debut in Black adam since. The project took a long time to get started and currently remains without a release date, having been pulled from the schedule at the end of last year.

Nevertheless, behind the scenes progress on Black adam keep on going. In recent months, several cast members have joined Johnson on the project, including Noah Centineo (Atom Smasher), Quintessa Swindell (Cyclone) and Aldis Hodge (Hawkman). Additionally, Sarah Shahi and Marwan Kenzari are slated for mystery roles, with Kenzari playing the villain. By the last update, Black adam is planning to start production in early 2021, and now a new one has arrived with a fun character tease.


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Johnson took to social media on Sunday night to share his evening activity: read the Black adam script once again. Excitingly, Johnson revealed he was three weeks away from starting work on the film. He then revealed a page from the script, which contains lyrics to Johnny Cash’s “Man in Black”. As Johnson says, he looks at the lyrics every time he opens the script, and they are important because they give “an example of who Black Adam is, and who is Black Adam for the DC universe world, but also, I think, who is Black Adam for the superhero universe world, period“That even includes the Marvel Universe, although Johnson promises he’s not hinting at any crossover.

Well I would love to wear a rainbow everyday.

And tell the world it’s okay.

But I’ll try to carry some darkness on my back.

Until things are brighter …

I am the man in black.

The Black adam The presentation at DC FanDome last summer revealed a bit of the character’s backstory with beautifully rendered art, and his origin as a slave-turned-powerful being who will do what he must to overthrow those who control seems to correspond to these words of Cash. Seems like Johnson’s Black Adam is someone who longs for peace and a better day, but understands he has to endure darkness – and maybe even spread it – before it can happen. It’s a common thread for a character, and that Johnson has it so prominently in his mind bodes well for Black Adam.

With Black adam Obviously starting production in the next month, the film could finally get another release date soon. While it seems unlikely that it will be able to come out by the end of the year as was once planned, Black adam could arrive in the first half of 2022. Fans and Johnson have been preparing for this project for a long time. It’s exciting to know that things are finally going with this, and I hope no further complications arise.

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Source: Dwayne Johnson / Instagram

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Dune’s original ending would have been better

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