Every MCU movie and TV series from 2021, ranked according to IMDb


While audiences have gone almost two years without a new MCU movie for two years, it’s almost as if Marvel Studios has overcompensated by giving them so many projects that they sometimes overlap. Due to delays in 2020, there has been an abundance of filming delays for movies and TV shows, allowing the MCU to release a plethora of content ranging from movies about family ties to TV shows unfolding. like a Shakespearean tragedy.

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The year marked the first time the MCU used television as the format for the universe, and it worked surprisingly well, even better than most movies of the year. There are a total of nine MCU 2021 projects, and interestingly enough, they include both the worst and best MCU movies according to IMDb.

9 Black Widow – 6.7

Natasha vs. Taskmaster in Black Widow

Sadly, Black Widow Most probably will be remembered for the controversial and awkward way it received a day-and-date release on Disney +. And that has led to some messy lawsuits between Disney and Scarlett Johansson. But the movie isn’t a particularly special or memorable MCU release.

Aside from the controversy surrounding the film, the film itself is a lower-level Marvel film, and it’s the second worst on IMDb after. The Incredible Hulk. But there are a few more takeaways from the film. As Black Widow has some great teams in the MCU, her association with Red Guardian (and their relationship) is one of the most entertaining.

8 Eternals – 6.8

Angelina Jolie Thena Eternals

Given the critical response from Eternals, it’s quite surprising that the movie isn’t the lowest rated, and 6.8 is pretty high for a movie that’s been hurt so badly. Eternals setting a precedent, but not a good one, as this is the very first MCU movie to be rated rotten on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, the IMDb score simply shows how Marvel fans will always present themselves in droves, and there is still a lot to love about the film. While the Bollywood genre has been underused in the MCU, the little Bollywood that’s in Eternals is so extravagant that it leaves the public wanting more. There is so much star power in the movie as well. In addition, Eternals renouncing soundstages for on-site sets gives the procedure a unique earthly feel.


seven The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 7.3

Falcon and Winter Soldier Falcon Fly

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a fun but messy entry into the MCU. The series has been criticized for being a bit too judgmental with its social commentary, but also praised for facing issues like racial discrimination. Sam’s relationship with the Shield and becoming the new Captain America doesn’t make much sense, and Bucky overcoming his past is an arc that was already shrouded in Captain America: Civil War.

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But what the series lacked in terms of motivations and character arcs, it more than made up for with action sets resembling blockbuster movies. Each episode is filled with thrilling action typical of MCU movies. And what the show has done best is introduce some interesting new characters, like John Walker and Valentina Fontaine, who audiences can’t wait to see again in the future.

6 What if…? – 7.5

Doctor Strange uses his powers in What if?  animated series.

Marvel Studios has taken full advantage of Disney + as a platform to bring all of the writers’ craziest ideas to life. What if…? asks questions like, What if King T’Challa was Star-Lord? or what if Ultron wins? The show makes perfect use of the animated format, as fans can see what would never be in the movies, like the Avengers even becoming zombies.

Interesting way, What if…? is the only MCU project that isn’t canon and has no effect on the universe. And since the show is low-stakes and inconsequential, it’s perfectly fun comfort food for MCU fans to throw away without being locked in for hours at a time.

5 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings – 7.5

Although Black Widow was the first MCU movie to hit theaters in two years, it was Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings it really made the fans feel at home. Shang-Chi might have daddy issues like every other Marvel hero, but it’s an extremely unique take on an origins movie.

The film explores Chinese culture and mythology, and the martial arts sequences are the best choreographed fight scenes in the franchise. While the movie may have some of the scariest one-liners in the MCU, but for the most part it’s one of the funniest movies in the universe that isn’t an outright comedy like Thor: Ragnarok Where guardians of the galaxy.

4 WandaVision – 8.0

Like WandaVision was the very first taste of the MCU fans got after the pandemic, it was a bit of a risk given the show’s unique design. There’s a glaring lack of action, straightforward lines, and fan-favorite characters. But the series was a huge success, and the fuzzy areaA similar approach could not have been more successful. And ironically, it’s when the series tries to be more like a Marvel movie that it fails.

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The tale is almost Lynchian, as the series is full of many different mysteries, and just like the best David Lynch movies, the series doesn’t even answer half of the mysteries. WandaVision is a Shakespearean-style tragedy packed with inventive ideas, and the way each episode is shot in the style of a decade-defining sitcom makes it even more entertaining.

3 he hawk – 8.1

Kate Bishop and Clint Barton in episode 6 of Hawkeye

The Avengers are now at legendary status in the MCU world. With Captain America’s shield welded to the Statue of Liberty and the Broadway musicals on the team, Clint watches a revisionist story unfold about him and his friends. And that’s what makes Hawk Eye so interesting.

It’s Clint’s hilarious and cavalier attitude that makes him even more entertaining, as he doesn’t follow a character who is trapped in a different dimension or something like that, but an Avenger who is essentially retired. However, the series also upset fans’ expectations, as it’s more about Kate than Clint. Each consecutive episode of Hawkeye gradually gets better, which is in part thanks to all the big reveals. The most notable of these is Wilson Fisk, and this has led to some debate among fans about where Kingpin might show up next.

2 Loki – 8.3

The one who stays throwing an apple at Loki

While Thor: Ragnorak is an epic space opera, Loki take that and go further than anyone could have imagined. Just like WandaVision, the series takes huge risks, and its DNA is closer to ’80s sci-fi movies than it is to the MCU. Loki is full of surprises, whether it’s Loki being DB Cooper or all of Loki’s variations.

The show is unique not only in history, but also in its appearance. The art direction is so interesting, because some of the backgrounds even look like oil paintings, and it’s such a visual experience. It’s also the only Disney + MCU series that’s confirmed to get a season 2. As it ended on a cliffhanger that rivals that of Infinity war, the second season can’t come soon enough.

1 Spider-Man: No Homecoming – 9.0

As it is, Spider-Man: No Path Home is the highest rated MCU movie and the ninth greatest movie of all time according to the Movie Database. Not only that, but the film had the second-highest box office opening weekend of all time, which is a huge achievement given the current climate.

As the film dives head-first into the multiverse, it’s full of Easter eggs and huge surprises. And with its extremely positive reception, the Spider Man ‘Home’ movies are now in the conversation for the greatest trilogy of all time. No way home might not stay at 9.0, because it’s so new and there are still millions of fans who haven’t seen it yet, but it’s still based on over 200,000 votes which is so impressive.

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