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Many fans recognize Larry David from television. Larry isn’t the friendliest character in Calm your enthusiasm, but viewers love watching his antics on the show. Others might know the comic for his role as co-creator of Seinfield.

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David’s brand of humor is now widely known and his TV shows are among the most popular comedies of all time. However, Larry David is also known to occasionally appear in the movies. Fans took to IMDb to rank her appearances, from small cameos to starring roles.

The Three Stooges — 5.1

Larry David dressed as a nun in The Three Stooges.

The Three Stooges may not be the Farrelly Brothers’ most beloved film, but it brings an iconic comedy series to a new generation. It features perhaps the most famous trio of comedic characters in new three-act situations. Moe, Larry and Curly are played by Chris Diamantopoulos, Sean Hayes and Will Sasso respectively.


Larry David has a supporting role in The Three Stooges. He plays one of the antagonists, Sister Mary-Mengele. She is a nun who helps run the orphanage the main trio are in. She is in a bad mood and doesn’t care about the stooges, who end up terrorizing her. Fans of the film might say David shines in the role, and the film brings the classic trio up to date for modern audiences.

Can she bake a cherry pie?— 5.6

Split image of Larry David and a couple in Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?

Can she make a cherry pie? is a comedy from the early 1980s. It features a story of heartbreak. The story follows Zee, a musician living in New York. When her husband leaves her, she is distraught and seeks solace at a local cafe.

There, a divorced man notices his misery, and the two strike up a conversation and begin a relationship. Larry David shows off his acting skills before the days of Seinfeld in a small role. He is credited as Mort’s Friend At Cafe. Fans of the movie might say his small role is memorable and he flaunts his trademark humor in his few scenes.

Reflections — 5.6

Split image of a couple and the Second Thoughts poster.

Doubts is a romantic comedy-drama. Released in the early 80s, the film’s narrative features a love triangle. It follows the story of Amy Ash, a lawyer. Amy gets involved with her client Will, while her ex-boyfriend John Michael hasn’t budged from their relationship. When Amy becomes pregnant, the two fight over Amy.

Larry David plays a small role in Doubts. He takes on the role of Monroe Clark. Fans of the film might say the story is familiar but executed with new elements. Others might say it’s both captivating and funny.

Sour grapes — 5.8

Larry David presents a work staged with sour grapes. The comedy follows two cousins, Richie Maxwell and Evan Maxwell. When the two go to Atlantic City to play, Richie asks Evan to scout him two quarters for the slot machine. When Richie wins a fortune, the events of the film unfold as Evan believes he is entitled to a portion of the winnings for lending him the quarters.

Larry David makes a small appearance in sour grapes. In fact, he gives himself three. He appears as a singing tramp, doctor, and studio executive. sour grapes enthusiasts might say that the film features a fun concept that highlights several comedic performances.

New York Stories — 6.4

Larry David and Woody Allen chat in New York Stories.

NYC Stories brings together three powerful directors. This is an anthology film divided into three sections. Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and Woody Allen each assembled a part with the related New York theme.

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Larry David appears in the third segment directed by Wood Allen titled “Oedipus Wrecks”. He plays a small role as a theater director. Fans of the movie might say it’s interesting and features the work of three impressive filmmakers.

Clear History — 6.5

Clear story is a TV movie. The comedy follows Nathan Flomm. Flomm is an executive in a large company. When his associate wants to name a new electric car “Howard”, Flomm vehemently protests. The ensuing conflict causes him to leave the company.

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When the electric car becomes a success, Flomm suffers the consequences and the events of the film follow one another. Larry David plays Flomm alongside Kate Hudson, Jon Hamm and Danny McBride. Some fans say Clear story is one of Kate Hudson’s best films. Others may say he is original with several funny performances.

Anything That Works — 7.1

whatever works features a comedy from director Woody Allen. It follows a bitter professor living in New York named Boris Yelnikoff. He soon becomes involved with a naive new woman in town named Melody. When Melody’s mother comes to town to find her, the events of the film unfold.

Larry David stars as Boris alongside Evan Rachel Wood as Melody. Some audiences might say it’s a derivative of Allen’s earlier works, but that Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood offer new performances.

Radio Days — 7.5

Cast of Radio Days on set inside.

Radio Days is the highest rated Larry David film on IMDb. It tells the story of Joe. He recounts, laying out the details of his upbringing in a lower-middle-class family in South Brooklyn beginning in the 1930s and 1940s. The details of his life are intertwined with unboxing some of his favorite radio shows from the era.

Woody Allen narrates as Joe, while Seth Green plays a young Joe. Some fans call Radio Days one of Seth Green’s best films. Larry David has a small role, credited as “Communist Neighbor”. Fans might say the film is lighthearted and warm, and that Larry David is funny in his bit part.

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