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Warning: contains SPOILERS for Metal Lords.

Here is the complete soundtrack of metal lords, Netflix’s teen comedy about a group of high school kids who earn their place in their school’s Battle of the Bands competition while growing up. Written by DB Weiss, one of The iron Throne’ showrunners, metal lords is both a coming-of-age story and a celebration of heavy metal. Hunter (Adrian Greensmith) and Kevin (Jaeden Martell, THIS) see the Battle of the Bands as their big break for their band Skullf**ker (which they must then change to Skullflower for the competition). They meet a cellist named Emily (Isis Hainsworth), whom Kevin tries to recruit into their band.


The plot is predictable but charming all the same. It follows a similar premise to movies like Perfect and in a lesser extent, Terrible Friday. Before the The iron Throne the creator’s next Netflix show fate, it’s refreshing to see Weiss create a film that will appeal to audiences after the poorly received The iron Throne end. Weiss’ passion for metal is steeped in this film, and it translates well.

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Naturally, a film celebrating heavy metal needs an extensive soundtrack. metal lords certainly includes classics like Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls” and Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper,” but it also includes more modern metal bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Zeal & Ardor, spanning several decades of the genre. Here is the extensive compilation of The Metal Lords soundtrack.

Metal Lords Trailer

“Metal Gods”, Judas Priest – Background song begins for Kevin’s narration and Emily’s clarinet tantrum.

“St. James Infirmary” – Marching band song at the beginning.

“Shape of You”, Ed Sheeran – Played at home party and wedding.

“We Dem Boyz”, Wiz Khalifa – Mollycoddle house party song played while Hunter gets beaten up by the bullies.

“The Horseman”, Iron Maiden – Like Tenacious D did in the Choice of fateHunter and Kevin go to Guitar Center while this song is playing.

“Cello Suite No. 1”, Johann Sebastian Bach – Kevin discovers that Emily is playing this. He plays again while Kevin writes Hunter’s list of heavy metal songs to give Emily.

“Hail to the King”, Avenged Sevenfold – Play for a game of Dungeons & Dragons at Hunter.

“Analgesic”, Judas Priest – Play as Kevin and Hunter drive during the car chase of the bullies.

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“For Whom the Bell Tolls”, Metallica – Play when Hunter gives Kevin a crash course in heavy metal. Hunter and Kevin later play this song during bass tryouts.

“War Pigs”, Black Sabbath – Emily listens to this and it plays during the editing of Kevin and Emily. Emily and Kevin then play the song together in the practice room, with Skullflower playing it together at the end.

“Blood and Thunder”, Mastodon – This plays while Hunter is beaten by the bullies. The song plays again when Hunter finds his car vandalized by the bullies.

“Grinder”, Judas Priest – Play when Hunter says having girls in metal bands is “homosexual”. Considering legendary Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford is gay, playing this song with homoerotic heavy metal posters clearly implies that the “gay” criticism of a metal band is both offensive and completely pointless.

“Dee”, Ozzy Osbourne – Plays when Kevin meets Emily in the Temple Solel parking lot.

Various riffs – During his Ulysses speech, Hunter plays riffs from Mötorhead’s “Ace of Spades”, Metallica’s “One” and “Master of Puppets”, and Pantera’s “Cowboys from Hell”. He educates his class on heavy metal like Jack Black does in Richard Linklater school of rock, but more cruelly.

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“Trust no one”, Zeal & Ardor – Plays during Hunter’s corpse painting scene.

“Since I Don’t Have You”, Guns N’ Roses – Plays in the background at Guitar Center on the second trip.

“Whiplash”, Metallica – Play while busting Mollycoddle’s Hunter and Ray (Teddy Van Ee) out of the wellness center with the fire alarm.

“Believer”, Imagine Dragons – Mollycoddle plays this during the Battle of the Bands.

“I’m broken”, Pantera – Plays when Emily shows up for the Battle of the Tapes.

“Goldberg Variations ‘Aria'”, Johann Sebastian Bach – The Metal Lords Skullflower practice this song together after Battle of the Bands.

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