Fans demand third Spider-Man movie starring Andrew Garfield


Starring Spider-Man: No Way Home – 92%, Tom Holland’s legacy as a superhero in the MCU has already been established, although the actor has not returned in the role. The third installment has brought back to the table, once again, the debate on which of all the performers has best represented the arachnid, and it is a discussion that will never end. Most consider Tobey Maguire as always, with no chance for a change, the best Spider-Man in the movies, but others are starting to reassess Andrew Garfield’s work. While it is true that The Amazing Spider-Man – 73% and The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electro’s Menace – 52% are considered the worst adaptations of the character, it is also considered to be a problem with the script and not the protagonist.

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There are a lot of positives to Garfield’s work, like his unique way of endowing the character with personality and grace while wearing his famous costume, just like in the comics. In that sense, those on his side see him as the best Spider-Man, but not the best Peter Parker. On the other hand, his chemistry with Emma Stone, which brought Gwen Stacy to life, is also considered the best romantic relationship of all the trilogies, a relationship they also dared to change to follow the original story, despite the risk of losing the audience.

With the first film, Marc Webb seemed to want to focus more on the personal side of Spider-Man, who slowly realizes what it really means to be a superhero who has to sacrifice the life he wanted. so much. Unfortunately, by the second installment, things got out of hand in large part because Sony was trying to follow the MCU line and quickly form its own universe. It ended up leaving a film with serious editing issues, too much character load, and a future that was no longer seen as interesting. The production company had even promised to deliver two more parts and a spin-off of Sinister Six. Eventually a deal was made with Marvel to reboot Captain America: Civil War – 90% and the rest is history.

If you still don’t see Spider-Man: No Path Home We recommend that you stop reading at this time. If you’re still around because you’ve seen it before or because you’re not interested in spoilers, then no wonder the news fans are asking for now. The Incredible Spider-Man 3. The latest arachnid movie brings back Maguire and Garfield, versions of Spidey who help resolve the main conflict. Although it had already been seen coming for months, fans were also delighted and surprised with his work.

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Perhaps the most anticipated was Tobey Maguire, because most fans consider him the best representative of the hero, but it was Garfield who stole the show. From meta references to being the hero’s worst version to the cathartic moment he saves MJ (Zendaya), the actor rekindled audiences in seeing him in costume and all the potential he had in the role. . Hours after the film premiered, an official request was made that Sony be prompted to give the performer the third installment they canceled.

In social networks you can easily find the movement with # BrandTASM3:

Just a reminder that Andrew Garfield literally took breaks from filming TASM2 to play basketball with kids in New York City. Let me fight an alien.

Please # MakeTASM3! Andrew Garfield loves Spider-Man so much!

Now I see a lot of tweets about TASM3, even when TASM2 wasn’t that surprising. I always want Andrew to finish his movies because he fucking deserves it. Make Sony and Marvel come true.

The request has been quite ambitious and some have added to the proposal that Sony also do Spider-Man 4, with Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi.

Hey, Sony, please make these two movies.

I’d love to see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield again and have at least one more pic as Spider-Man in a solo movie.

In recent months, Andrew Garfield He refused to accept his participation in Spider-Man’s latest installment, but that makes sense as Sony and Marvel have tried to keep it a secret for as long as possible. As a result, the protagonist of Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! – 93% also revealed plenty of details about what it meant for them to bring the hero to life, as well as their disappointment with the producer’s handling of the story. Fans are busy pushing for Garfield’s return, but no one has asked him if he would like to return in the role.

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