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Look alive, ghouls! monster raisedthe fashion doll line turned animated series, not only is getting a live action movie on Nickelodeon and Paramount+, but another song from the live action movie musical has just been released, featuring a preview of the musical sequence as it appears in the film.

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The first official live-action adaptation (despite the plethora of anime movies, books, web series, and TV shows) took several liberties in both character redesigns and personality/style overhauls. the background. In case you missed it, the trailer dropped last month, and it looks suitably campy, in the same vein as Disney’s fantasy musical films like descent Where Zombies.

Clawdeen Wolf was born half human, half werewolf, but always had to hide her wolf side…until now. She leaves for Monster High where she really hopes to be herself. One problem: his human side keeps showing up, which is a big deal considering Monster High’s “Monsters Only” policy. His teacher, Mr. Komos, talks about a secret lab and a special potion that could help him get rid of his human half once and for all. In order to save herself – and the whole school – Clawdeen must embrace her true monster heart!

Frankie Stein (Ceci Balagot) is officially non-binary, taking note to appear with the pronouns them/them. This makes absolute sense given that they are literally made up of different body parts, like Frankenstein’s monster.

Clawdeen Wolf (Miia Harris) is half-human, half-werewolf and new to Monster High, setting up the film’s plot of “protecting Monster High from human infiltration” with heavy themes of acceptance and belonging. This likely means that in this iteration of Monster High, she won’t have siblings who also attend school.

Draculaura (Nayah Damasen) is not only a vampire in this adaptation, but also dabbles in magic, which is taboo in the monster world as it’s considered a “human thing”. Clawdeen and Frankie seem to accept her for who she is and for what she does, as evidenced in the musical number “Three Of Us”, where they appear to help her with a spell.

Many changes have been made that look like these character and story changes will carry over into the new animated series coming to Nickelodeon this fall. What do you think – is Nickelodeon reviving a dozen-year-old franchise for a new generation or changing the beloved tradition for the sake of change? Monster High: The Movie slides to both Nickelodeon and Paramount+ on October 6.

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