Giannis Antetokounmpo is set to follow ‘Kobe Bryant and produce an Oscar-nominated film!


Giannis Antetokounmpo once took on Kobe Bryant’s challenge to win the MVP. This time, it is believed that he wants to imitate him in the films.

It seems that Kobe’s mark on the NBA goes far beyond the court. According to the latest reports, Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo is set to venture into the world of movies.

While he’s no stranger to the movie industry, seeing as his biopic “RISE” recently dropped on Disney Plus, this film project is totally different. Giannis’ love of underdog history inspired him to invest his money in a documentary that tells an immigrant story.

He himself is one and the story of his life is nothing short of a fairy tale. Antetokounmpo himself will be happy to tell you how lucky he is to be here. And he wants to continue to shine a light on the stories of those who have historically been outcasts.

His attempt follows in the footsteps of Kobe Bryant who produced an animated short, Dear Basketball. The short film also won an Oscar, making Bryant the only NBA player to win an Oscar. Giannis could be next.

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Giannis Antetokounmpo set to be executive producer of ‘The Flagmakers’

The story chronicles the struggles of Eder Flag, America’s largest flag maker. With National Geographic spearheading the project, it will most likely be vying for the Oscars next year.

Giannis was hired as an executive producer and why he did so might have something to do with Nat Geo’s description for the documentary:

“Flag makers are asking one of today’s most pressing questions: Who is the American flag for? Eder Flag, owned by its employees in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, sews and ships five million American flags a year. Flag makers – locals, immigrants and refugees – stitch together stars and stripes as they struggle with identity and belonging.

As reported by Milwaukee Sentinel, Giannis says he finds the film deeply personal. Each of these individuals has struggled through adversity and tried to find their identity in a new country they call home. Giannis’ immigration connection prompted him to be part of the film.

As The Flagmakers gear up for an awards race, we may soon see another NBA superstar take home that accolade. Will he follow Kobe Bryant? Is The Filmmakers a movie you can’t wait to watch?

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