HBO Max suddenly deletes the original film


HBO Max has taken the rare step of removing an HBO Original from its service. The 2019 film Brexit, which starred Benedict Cumberbatch, is now MIA on the streaming platform. The title was not listed for deletion on the January Release List, but, in the app, the movie was marked as releasing on January 18, making it three full years of service after premiering on January 19, 2019. This review was listed until Friday night, but Saturday came , the film centered on “Vote Leave” was already out of commission.

the Emmy nominated movies HBO Max landing page just reads a message that says “Unable to connect” and “We are currently having problems connecting to HBO Max. Please try again.” The movie also doesn’t show up in the app when searching. However, the title is still relevant Standard HBO website, which is closer to the cable network than the streamer. The HBO Max and HBO catalogs are supposed to be aligned, so it’s unclear if there’s still a way for HBO viewers in the US to watch the film. (You can still buy the movie numerically and physically through retailers like Amazon.)

The move is likely a side effect of not being done in-house by HBO. The film originally aired on Channel 4 in the UK as Brexit: the uncivil war, with House Productions producing. BBC Studios notably took over House Productions in December 2021. Presumably, HBO and the rights holders have not reached an agreement to extend the title’s US broadcast rights for the past three years, although HBO has called it a proprietary title. .

Why wouldn’t HBO Max want to keep an HBO Original? We could cite the controversial surrounding the film, due to its portrayal of the actual events surrounding the UK’s 2016 EU membership referendum and the actual subjects Dominic Cummings (Cumberbatch), Boris Johnson (Richard Goulding) and Nigel Farage ( Paul Ryan). However, it’s more likely a move of money, with the title likely not attracting enough eyeballs three years after its release to justify the cost of a rights renewal. As to why it was taken down a few days before January 18, it’s unclear.


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