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“Ilocano Defenders: the war on rape”

“Ilocano Defenders” is expected to kick off waves of talk about pressing social issues with their movie “War on Rape,” which is slated for release in Filipino theaters on December 15, 2021.

The film “War on Rape” is a gripping action thriller that relentlessly tackles the plight of victims of human trafficking and rape in the country. Directed by Marvin Leyson, the film follows the story of lead actors Michael Say, Morgan Say and Solomon Say as they break up a union that violates the rights of women and the innocent.

“There is an ongoing tumor in society and a repeated history of abuse of women and numerous acts of rape. In the midst of the pandemic, many societal problems have been put aside but remain endemic. Our goal is to shed light on these issues with our film, ”Morgan Say said in an interview.

Cases of abuse and harassment of women and children inspired the Ilocano Defenders team to produce and create a fictional film that reflects this societal problem. Thus, the movie War on Rape was made with the incorporation of fighting arts and a proper assimilation of the legal actions used to fight bad guys.

Michael, Morgan and Solomon, who are all black belts in Taekwondo, aim to promote the revival of martial arts in the Filipino film industry through Ilocano Defenders. Filled with fight scenes, Morgan led the choreography using the fighting arts through Taekwondo, a campaign to promote the use of effective, non-lethal weapons against sexual harassment.

“Taekwondo and other non-lethal styles of fighting, when used responsibly and wisely, can be effective and useful protection against violence and abuse,” Morgan added.

In September of this year alone, a report presented by the Quezon City Police Department showed that the number of cases of rape and violence against women and children in Quezon City has increased by 66.67 percent, while rape cases have increased 21.54 percent in the first eight months of this year. year compared to the same period last year.

The film “Ilocano Defenders: War on Rape” is rated 16 by the MTRCB.




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