Is the film suitable for children?


One of the most anticipated Netflix movies of 2021 is here, and Adam McKay fans can’t wait to check out its latest release. Do not seek is a satirical film symbolizing the climate crisis and how badly people in power around the world handle it. It’s sure to make viewers angry with the way a lot of the characters act, which is the gist.

In Do not seek, the world faces the most dangerous threat in history as a comet heads toward the planet at high speed. In no time, he will destroy the Earth and all of humanity. But unfortunately for Dr. Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Kate (Jennifer Lawrence), the two Michigan State University astronomers who discovered the comet, people either don’t believe them or just don’t care.

Don’t look for the odds

The new movie was released on Netflix today, December 24, just in time for the holidays. But is this the one you can watch with the whole family? Well no. Do not seek is rated R and not suitable for children.

Do not seek includes a lot of profanity, as well as some drug use. While the movie is really funny at times, it could also be rated as creepy towards the end (no spoilers).

Don’t look for nudity

The biggest reason Do not seek is rated R and not suitable for children, however, would likely be nudity. There is nudity throughout the film, but there is graphic nudity in the credits scene. Without revealing any plot spoilers, several people are seen fully naked for a few minutes, showing the front and back.

If nudity is what keeps you from letting a child or teen watch Do not seek, you could probably skip the middle credits scene and watch it for yourself later.

The movie is meant for adults to watch, but if you’re planning on letting a kid watch with you, check out the in-depth parenting guide on IMDb. here.


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