Julie Andrews’ best movie and TV roles of all time


Again working with her husband, writer-director Blake Edwards, “SOB” is a dark comedy that offers a scathing critique of the Hollywood filmmaking process. Andrews stars in the film alongside an outstanding cast that includes Richard Mulligan, Shelley Winters, Robert Webber, Robert Preston, Larry Hagman and William Holden.

Andrews plays Sally Miles, the wife of successful film producer Felix Farmer (Mulligan). When Farmer finally flopped at the box office, it causes him to lose his grip on reality. Miles is a superstar in his own right, with an immaculate Hollywood image and an Oscar to his name. Her husband convinces her to star in a bold new film in order to salvage her reputation – a soft-core pornographic musical that forces Miles to appear topless, threatening to derail her squeaky image.

“SOB” shocked audiences because Julie Andrews actually appears topless in the film (or rather, the film within the film). It clearly contains real-life autobiographical material from Edwards and Andrews, who is, of course, an Oscar-winning actress with a wholesome image. Andrews is brilliant in a role that challenges all preconceived notions of the actress – watching her do drugs while laughing while saying “I’m going to show my boobies” is a truly surreal experience.


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