Lisa Marie Presley Returns to Court Due to ‘Elvis’ Movie


Lisa Marie Presley is being sent back to court over her ex-husband’s legal battle to increase his child support checks. Speed ​​cameras online reports that Michael Lockwood will be allowed to present “living evidence” at the upcoming trial and can question Lisa Marie in court about her finances. Elvis’ daughter filed for divorce from Michael in 2016 after ten years of marriage. They have 11-year-old twins, Harper and Finley. A prenup agreement he signed prevented him from seeking child support. Lisa Marie avoided paying child support due to debt owed when they separated, including a $10 million tax bill. She also accused her husband of having inappropriate photos of their children on his computer, which he denied, and no charges were filed. Michael wants more child support from Lisa Marie due to her improved financial situation.

According to him, Lisa Marie earns around $3.2 million a year. In her filing, he claims she received $900,000 for a book deal, over a million dollars from a settlement, and “she has between half a million and a million a year in personal expenses that ‘she manages in her various undertakings’. He also says Lisa Marie got paid for the Elvis biopic starring Austin Butler. Additionally, he claims that Lisa Marie is the beneficiary and controls a trust established after her father’s death, worth an estimated $60 million.

“I am struggling to survive, and over the past year I have survived on little more than unemployment benefits and government emergency pay,” he said in his recent filing. “During our marriage, [Lisa Marie] insisted that I turn down jobs with other artists and forced me to work exclusively with her as a musician.”

He is currently receiving $4,641 per month in child support until the next hearing. Lisa Marie doesn’t believe she should have to pay more child support.


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