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It’s a wonderful life

PG rated – but suitable for the whole family

By 1946 America was – after defeating the Axis Powers with its allied partners, at great expense – at last at peace.
The American people needed a reminder of the exact object of the fight: friends, family, a sense of oneness despite differences, and, at its core, a fundamental love for country and community.

It’s a wonderful life is Frank Capra’s 1946 masterpiece of Americana, even reminding us 75 years later of who we are at the grassroots and who we strive to be as a people. It gives us a glimpse into the best of American ideals and small town life and morality.

We all know the story of George Bailey, a fundamentally honest man. A man of principle and fair play, loyalty to his friends and family, and we have all seen the time a good man becomes desperate.
We, the viewer, know George Bailey and his life, because God and Saint Peter decide that a man like him, who impacted so many people and didn’t ask for anything in return and is unaware of its impact on those around him, merit to acquire this knowledge and as such send an angel (second class) to prevent a good man from making the worst decision one can make.

It’s a wonderful life shows us what we were and what we can be again. We see a glimpse of it every year around this time when Christmas brings out the best in many of us. It’s a wonderful life shows us how one man, one action, one dance and one walk home can change the course of a hundred – no, a thousand – lives for the better.

It’s a reminder of what we should all strive to be: a good spouse, a loyal friend, a dedicated parent and child, and a loyal citizen.

Five out of five stars.

It’s a wonderful life is one of the greatest movies ever to be made, and it’s worth watching every Christmas with your whole family, as a reminder of what we all can and should be.

We should all strive to be George Bailey, and we should all lasso the moon.

Merry Christmas to everyone!


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