Nachindi Girl Friendu Telugu Movie Review


Release date : November 11, 2022 Rating: 2.5/5

With : Uday Shankar, Jennifer Emmanuel, Madhunandhan, Srikanth Iyyengar, Suman

Director: Guru Pawan

Producer: Atluri Narayan Rao

Music Director: gifton elias

Cinematography: Siddam Manohar

Publisher: Sagar Udagandla

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A short film titled Nachindi Girl Friendu, starring Uday Shankar and Jennifer Emmanuel in the lead roles, hit the screens today. Guru Pawan is the director. Let’s see how the movie is.


Rajaram (Uday Shankar), a B.Com grad living in Vizag, thinks he’ll make it big in life by taking a fund management course. Rajaram’s friend Cherry (Madhunandhan) asks Rajaram to help him to his maintenance place as his bike is flat. Rajaram agrees, and on this trip he meets Sandy (Jennifer Emmanuel) and falls in love with her. However, he neglects his friend’s request and continues to follow Sandy. Sandy also falls in love with Rajaram. When all goes well, a shocking revelation occurs which amazes Rajaram. What is that? Has Rajaram overcome it? It’s part of the rest of the movie.

Good points :

Uday Shankar did well in the film. The actor’s comedy timing and performance is good, and especially his funny scenes with Mandhunandhan are engaging. Uday also executed the action sequences fairly. Jennifer Emmanuel was decent as the female lead, and her character ties in well to the point taken.

Srikanth Iyengar is once again performing well in an important role and the actor still continues to amaze. Although comedian Pruthvi only appears briefly, he manages to bring some laughs with his one-liners.

The main point taken and the intention of the director to make people aware of the frauds and scams that could occur in the stock market is acceptable. The film also talks about the impact and relevance of the stock market in the lives of middle-class people who form the majority of the population, which makes sense. There aren’t many movies that have come out of this commercial concept, and so this movie is a different attempt.

Negative points :

The main disadvantage is not entering the real point until the last 30 minutes. While all of the important moments are rushed towards the end, depth is lacking and the narrative is flawed in other places. So we don’t completely connect with the film. The actual point should have been properly established and a separate track should have been running in the background to spark curiosity about what’s going on. Since that didn’t happen, the exciting elements won’t surprise us.

The love story drags on, and at the same time, it is not endearing. A few songs are unnecessary and should have been eliminated, as the creators had a fascinating concept at hand. The writing of the film required massive corrections. For example, a character who is an expert and connoisseur of the stock market is stupidly fooled.

However, it doesn’t end there and repeats itself in another similar scene. These scenes play a crucial role in the plot of the film but are not handled well. Moreover, more research was needed on the subject, which is a vast subject. Finally, the application that was talked about in the film also needed a better presentation.

Technical aspects:

The film has very good background music by Gifton Elias. Especially a few scenes in the second half are rightly balanced with the right BGM. Siddam Manohar’s cinematography is polished, as are the production values. However, the editing team should have shortened the length of the film slightly.

Guru Pawan’s direction is below average and he hasn’t quite managed to make an engaging film despite choosing an exciting and relevant subject. More background work was needed from the writing team. Reducing the love track and having more scenes tied to the focal point would have made a big difference.


Overall, Nachindi Girl Friendu has a relevant subject, but the storytelling didn’t do justice to its potential. The director’s intent is clear, but the way things are presented hastily is disappointing. More writing depth and a better script were needed for this film. However, you can still try out the new concept the movie is about.

Rating from 2.5/5

Reviewed by 123telugu team

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