Netflix ‘Anonymously Yours’: 5 things to know about the Spanish film


Count on Netflix to always have your back when it comes to movies or shows to watch, a few girlie flicks to satisfy those guilty pleasures, or even a typical high school sweetheart, puppies to remember the good ones. moments of life. If you’re looking for what to look out for after “Money Heist,” we’ve got some great news. There is a whole other world of TV shows that can meet your demands and they are rightly in Spanish.

The latest Spanish teen movie on Netflix follows an accidental text that ultimately turns into a digital friendship between Vale and Alex. They start to develop feelings for each other, not realizing that they have met in real life! Here are a few other Spanish deals you can check out on Netflix in the meantime: “Murder by the Coast,” Sky Rojo, Love Never Lies.


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When does ‘Anonymously Yours’ come out and where can you watch it

“Anonymously Yours” is released on December 10, 2021 and can be watched on Netflix.

What is “Anonymously yours”?

The official synopsis reads: “After an accidental text message turns into a digital friendship, Vale and Alex start crashing into each other without realizing they’ve met in the real life “.

Who stars in the spanish film

Harold Azuara

Harold Azuara was born and raised in Mexico and is an actor by profession. Azuara started acting on stage productions at a very young age and made his television debut in 2005. He is very popular on all social media platforms, with over a million YouTube subscribers as of January 2016, over 900,000 followers on Instagram. Azuara co-created the popular YouTube page, called “Harold Benny”, as well as the equally successful “Harold Benny” Vine account. Among his many accolades is the 2013 Kids’ Choice Award, which he received for his role as Monche in the popular series’ La CQ ‘.

Azuara is known for his roles in “Rosario Tijeras”, “La CQ” and “Anonymously Yours” (also called “Anonima”). In 2014, Azuara and Mexican actress Esmeralda Pimentel joined the cast of the television series “El Color de la Pasion”. Actress Ferny Graciano has also joined the collaboration.

The rest of the cast include Annie Cabello, Estefi Merelles and Alicia Velez.


The film is directed by Maria Torres.


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