Nicolas Cage Tried to Build a Movie Studio in Las Vegas Before Elon Musk Came to Town


Nicolas Cage has been busy promoting his new movie, The unbearable weight of massive talent, which sees the Oscar-winning actor playing a version of himself who is hired by a billionaire played Pedro Pascal to attend his birthday party. The film and its press tour was a giant love letter to Nic Cage, so the iconic actor reflected on his filmography by sharing his favorite films and also revealing his future goals. Cage recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live where he addressed some rumors about his weird spending choices, including whether or not he bought a batcave while filming national treasure. During the interview, Cage also talked about living in Las Vegas and revealed that he almost opened a movie studio in the city.

“Vegas has been good to me, it really is. It’s both a small town and a big city. It’s probably one of the most unique addresses. If you want to go to the Strip and participate, you can. If you just want to hang out with the locals and go to the cool restaurants then you can,” Cage explained. “I had great experiences making films there. Leaving Las Vegas was great. Honeymoon in Vegas is tall. I have good mojo there. I tried to get a movie studio built there, and then Elon Musk came along, and all the money that I got for the movie studio – I got $80 million – they got it invested in the Tesla company, which then ironically drained all the water from the city. But I almost made it, I almost got a movie studio.” You can check out the full interview below:

Recently, Cage also spoke with on some of his films which are referenced in The unbearable weight of massive talent.

“It was all in the script,” Cage explained. “They came pre-loaded. Interesting choices. I thought the reference to Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was a good one. Because this movie is underrated and I’m glad this movie gave it props. I know Penelope [Cruz] was awesome in this movie. And I’m glad John Madden, I’m sure he’ll be happy to be the director, so that was good.”

Cage answered a lot of questions this month in honor of his upcoming film. Last week it was revealed that the actor wanted to be in a Muppet movie. During the recent Reddit AMAhe also shared that he wanted David Lynch to appear in Massive talentand said he would be there to make a Face/Stop 2.

The unbearable weight of massive talent now playing in theaters. Check out our Month of Cage streaming guide.


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