Original Wonder Woman director hopes to make a superhero movie one day


Michelle MacLaren, who was originally set to direct Wonder Woman for Warner Bros., is still open to directing a superhero movie in the future.

Michelle MacLaren, who was the original director of 2017 wonder woman, reveals that she’s still up for directing a superhero movie one day. Before Diana Prince made her film debut in the DCEU, it took a while to bring the DC heroine to the big screen. For more than a decade, Warner Bros. tried in various ways to bring her into the world of cinema, and even onto The CW. It wasn’t until the DCEU was shaped that the heroine of Themysciran had the chance to transition from panel to panel. After Lynda Carter brought her to life on TV, Gal Gadot became the first film actress to bring Wonder Woman to life and quickly earned a successful franchise.


Before Patty Jenkins came on board the project, Michelle MacLaren was set to direct Diana’s solo film after being hired in November 2014. wonder woman would have been MacLaren’s first film she ever directed, coming from the world of television. However, in April 2015, MacLaren and Warner Bros. ended up going their separate ways, with Jenkins landing the gig soon after, and ended up sticking with the ensemble. wonder woman franchise. Although not much has been revealed about why MacLaren quit, the only reason given was that she and the studio had creative differences over the course of the wonder woman project.

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While MacLaren continued to direct episodes of massive TV shows like You better call Saul, The Morning Show, and Westworld, would she consider making a superhero movie later? In a new interview with comicsMacLaren was asked if she would return to the comic book genre despite her wonder woman live. Although she didn’t delve into her time on the DC project, MacLaren made it clear that she enjoys doing “projects that allow” to do what she would like to do as a filmmaker, stating the following:

“I’m always open to that. I like doing projects that allow me to do what I’d like to do and what I’d like to bring to the table, let’s just say it. If the right project comes along, I’d be happy to kiss her and I hope I get the chance.”

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Even though MacLaren failed to direct the first wonder woman film, the franchise has remained one of the strongest in the DCEU so far. The 2017 film was not only a critical success but also garnered a total of $822.3 million at the worldwide box office. Not only did it become one of Warner Bros.’ highest-grossing comic book films, but wonder woman is still one of the most commercially successful female superhero films of all time. While Wonder Woman 1984 financial results were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it worked well for HBO Max to the point that a third installment is in the works.

While MacLaren is obviously more than open to revisiting the comic book realm, it remains to be seen if it would ever be with Warner Bros. Whatever those creative differences were during his time on wonder woman wouldn’t necessarily be a problem at this point if Warner Bros. had to approach him again. Since his departure in 2015, there has been a massive reorganization behind the scenes of the DC Films division and Warner Bros./WarnerMedia as a whole. Even though wonder woman didn’t end up being MacLaren’s first superhero movie, maybe a different DC project will come along in the future.

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