Philips offers big-screen cinematic entertainment for people with limited space


Philips has launched an ultra-short-throw Full HD compact projector called Screeneo U4 on Indiegogo for people who want to stream recipe videos on the kitchen wall, play console games in the spare room, or get together in the living room. living room for movie night.

Like the company’s PicoPix Max projector from 2019, Philips is bringing the Screeneo U4 to Indiegogo to fund production and engage with target buyers.

This latest device is an ultra-short-throw Full HD projector, meaning it can project an 80-inch diagonal image from 12 inches (30.5cm) away from the wall or screen, or snuggle up to 7.7 inches for a 60-inch image.

It’s built around TI DLP imaging technology with XPR pixel shift and features a four-channel (RGGB) LED light source that’s rated good for up to 30,000 hours of use. That’s 400 lumens of white color/brightness which will likely see this unit operating in shaded areas only for the best results.

Pull the Screeneo U4 12 inches from the wall for 80-inch Full HD visuals

Philips projection

The projector is claimed to support 108% of Rec.709 and over 85% of NTSC color gamuts, as well as dynamic HDR10 content, and casual gamers can expect a 60Hz refresh rate and a 30ms latency. It also comes with the promise of easy setup thanks to fast AI autofocus, auto keystone correction, and four-corner correction.

The U4 measures 4.86 x 3.21 x 8.8 inches (123.5 x 81.5 x 223.5 mm) and tips the scales at 3 lbs (1.4 kg), making it Fairly easy transport to different parts of the house, but as it’s mains powered, users may need to position themselves near a wall socket or live with extension cords.

Connectivity forms up with two HDMI 2.1 ports, and although there’s no built-in Wi-Fi, any plugged-in streaming sticks like Amazon and Roku can be powered from the nearby USB Type-A port. The compact unit also sports built-in 2 x 15W speakers with bass boost to match the sounds to the projected visuals.

Full HD movies or even recipe videos can be served with the kitchen
Full HD movies or even recipe videos can be served with the kitchen

Philips projection

The projector has built-in Bluetooth 5.0 for simultaneous connection to two audio output devices, although wireless latency would probably mean this feature is only used in boombox mode and not for settling in for a movie without disturbing sleeping children. But there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack for lag-free listening over a long audio cable, and a third-party signal splitter can be added to the mix to share the soundtrack with a couch partner.

Although the U4 bears the Philips badge, the projector actually comes from Screeneo Innovation SA – an exclusive brand licensing partner of the Dutch electronics veteran – who launched the product on indiegogo.

Pledges for the already funded campaign are €599 (approximately US$630), representing a 50% savings on the expected sale price. If all goes as planned, shipping should begin in August. Philips estimates that the U4 will go on general sale in October.

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