ricky: EXCLUSIVE: Ricky Kej talks about his second Grammy win | Kannada Movie News

It’s nothing short of happiness and excitement for Bengalurian musician Ricky Kej, who won his second Grammy Award. Ricky won Best New Age Album for Divine Tides, which sees him collaborate with The Police star Stewart Copeland. The musician spoke to us exclusively from Las Vegas, where the ceremony is taking place.

Commenting on his win, Ricky said: “It was amazing to receive this award because it was a collaborative album with Stewart. We worked on this album for over a year, with hundreds of Zoom and Skype calls and WhatsApp messages. I finally got to meet him in person for the first time seven days ago. It was pretty amazing, because it was pretty much a pandemic album. We worked together and became such close friends during this time that we never realized we hadn’t met in person. , it was an exciting time to meet him. We spent a lot of time in three cities before the ceremony. the album together was a surreal experience as I grew up with his music and with his posters on my wall. To win a Grammy with my childhood idol was a great experience.”

About the album, Ricky had mentioned in a previous interview with Bangalore Times, “My latest album Divine Tides is a collaboration with rock legend Stewart Copeland, who everyone knows was the drummer of The Police. .I have always been a fan of It was a huge opportunity for me to completely collaborate with him for a full album.Himalaya is a song dedicated to the great mountain range.It is said that every individual directly or indirectly depends completely on of the Himalayas for their livelihood. I am so happy that we were able to shoot the video there.


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