Spider-Man: No Way Home is the eighth highest grossing film in history


“Spider-Man: No Way Home” still breaks box office records.

Sony’s latest Marvel web adventure grossed $ 1.53 billion worldwide, solidifying its place as the eighth highest grossing film on record at the global box office (unadjusted for inflation).

Over the weekend, “No Way Home” generated an additional $ 64 million internationally and $ 33 million nationally, enough to push the film’s tally beyond slots 9 to 12 in the all-time leaderboard, which belonged to “The Avengers” ($ 1.518 billion), “Furious 7” ($ 1.515 billion), “Frozen II” ($ 1.45 billion) and “Avengers: Age of Ultron “($ 1.4 billion). Does it have enough horsepower to land the sixth and seventh-place films “Jurassic World” ($ 1.67 billion) and “The Lion King” ($ 1.66 billion)? This will be the next box office test of the impressive endurance of “No Way Home”.

At the domestic box office, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” remained a force on the big screen despite the rapidly spreading omicron variant of COVID-19. With $ 668 million in ticket sales, it is now the sixth highest grossing film in domestic box office history, beating “Titanic” ($ 659 million) and “Jurassic World” ($ 652 million). dollars). In no time, he is expected to take fifth place, which belongs to “Avengers: Infinity War” ($ 678 million), and could eventually land in fourth place, where “Black Panther” currently sits ($ 700 million). dollars).

Internationally, the latest comic book adaptation directed by Tom Holland has raised $ 867.5 million since its debut in December. Over the weekend, “No Way Home” opened in Japan with $ 11.8 million, which is 76% ahead of ticket sales for 2017 “Homecoming” and 35% over. “Far From Home” from 2019 in the same country. Among the remaining markets, “No Way Home” generated strong revenues in the UK ($ 6.2 million), Mexico ($ 2.5 million) and Indonesia ($ 1.2 million).

The film has performed particularly well in the UK – Holland’s birthplace – raising $ 105.8 million to date. Other top-earning territories include Mexico with $ 69.7 million, South Korea with $ 55.8 million, and France with $ 55.2 million. “No Way Home” does not air in China, which is the world’s largest movie market.

Elsewhere at the international box office, Universal’s animated musical “Sing 2” grossed $ 17 million in 54 foreign markets. The film, which debuted around Christmas, has grossed $ 81 million internationally and $ 190.8 million globally so far.

Another vacation outing, Disney’s “The King’s Man” and the 20th Century, added an additional $ 13.4 million from 43 territories over the weekend. That brings the prequel to the “Kingsman” spy comedy franchise to $ 49.2 million overseas and $ 74.3 million globally, a lackluster result.

“The Matrix Resurrections” also struggled to attract audiences – in North America, where it debuted on HBO Max, and abroad. The fourth installment of the Warner Bros. generated $ 7.7 million in 76 markets, bringing its total to $ 90 million internationally and $ 124.5 million globally. That’s a low result for a movie that cost $ 190 million, a hefty sum that doesn’t include global marketing costs. “Resurrections” opens in China on Friday, which could be a boon to ticket sales or it might not make a dent. During the pandemic, Hollywood movies didn’t have much of an impact in Chinese theaters and it certainly doesn’t help that “The Matrix Resurrections” was released weeks ago anywhere else.

In fifth place (among Hollywood movies), Disney’s musical fable “Encanto” earned $ 5.8 million from 36 international territories. The well-rated family film, which is currently on Disney Plus, has grossed $ 123 million overseas and $ 215 million worldwide to date.


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