Spin Master reveals Batman and the Batmobile movie figures [EXCLUSIVE]


Exclusive: Spin Master unveils its new The Batman action figures and Batmobiles based on the upcoming reboot of the film franchise by Matt Reeves.

Spin Master exclusively unveils its new The batman figures and Batmobiles based on the upcoming reboot of the film franchise by Matt Reeves. Robert Pattinson directs the cast of the new episode as the titular hero alongside Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as The Riddler, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro as Carmine Falcone, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth and Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot, better known as The Penguin. The batman focuses on Bruce Wayne in his sophomore year of fighting crime as he discovers a tangled web of corruption in Gotham City with ties to his family’s past while facing a string of murders by a cryptic killer known as The Riddler.


Development on The batman began as a solo film in the DC Extended Universe with Ben Affleck co-writing, directing, producing, and starring, though that project begins to fail when Reeves is brought in to direct in Affleck’s place. With Affleck later leaving due to personal issues, Reeves would rework the script to separate him from the DCEU and focus on Wayne’s early days in crime-fighting, borrowing main inspiration from “Year One,” “The Long Halloween”, “Ego” and “Zero Year” and landing in Pattinson in early 2019. Production on The batman would start in early 2020 and run through early 2021 due to several delays due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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There are only a few months left before the film arrives, screen delirium has the first exclusive preview of Spin Media The batman figurines and Batmobiles. The movie collection includes 4 and 12 inch figures of Pattinson’s Dark Knight, including a Wingsuit Batman, Selina Kyle and Catwoman from Kravitz and Farrell’s Cobblepot, while there are two versions of the Batmobile, including a turbo speed figure. remote control. Check out the exclusive statues and figurines below:

4 inch Batmobile Ladder

(Age 4 and over / Approximate retail price: $ 36.99 / Available: Spring 2022)

The movie-like Batmobile is packed with features including LED engine lights, headlights, and a residual landing gear glow that really brings it to life! Improve your missions with realistic engine sounds. It even includes a 4 inch Batman figure!

4 inch Batmobile and Batman figure

4 inch Batmobile and Batman

Batmobile Turbo Boost remote control

(Age 4 and over / Approximate retail price: $ 48.99 / Available: Spring 2022)

Jump into action with this movie-themed Batmobile. Activate the wheelie with the push of a button and watch this high-performance RC hit turbo speeds. The custom controller is even designed after the Batman symbol Watch the rear engine flame light up as you speed through Gotham City!

Turbo Boost Batmobile packed

Turbo Boost Batmobile with remote control

Turbo Boost Batmobile with remote control

Turbo Boost Batmobile Wheelie

Batmobile Turbo Boost in action

Batmobile Turbo Boost game

Batmobile Turbo Boost

Wingsuit Batman 12 inch Action Figure

(Age 4 and over / Approximate retail price: $ 23.99 / Available: Spring 2022)

Continue to fight crime in Gotham City with this 12 inch Batman figure with expanding wings! Simply press the belt buckle to open the wings and you are ready to begin your mission. This all-black costume also has a lighting function and awesome sound effects that activate when you press the bat symbol on its chest!

12 inch Batman Wingsuit

12 inch Batman Wingsuit

12 inch Batman Wingsuit

12 inch Batman Wingsuit

12 inch Batman Wingsuit

Batman, Selina Kyle and Penguin 4 inch Action Figures

(Age 4 and over / Approximate retail price: $ 8.99 / Available: Spring 2022)

Recreate epic crime fight scenes with Batman, Selena Kyle and Penguin, from the upcoming Batman movie! Each figure features 11 points of articulation and comes with three accessories and an evidence collector card.

The Batman 4-Inch 3-Pack

The Batman 4-Inch 3-Pack

Contents of the 4 inch Batman figure

4 inch Catwoman Content

12 inch Batman and Selina Kyle Figures

(Age 4 and over / Approximate retail price: $ 10.49 / Available: Spring 2022)

Each 12-inch action figure features 11 points of articulation and detailed sculpture with true-to-movie styling. Engage your imagination and pose Batman and Selena Kyle as you act out your own Batman stories!

12 inch Batman Wingsuit

12 inch Batman figure

12 inch Catwoman figure

12 inch Selina Kyle Figure Set

Master of the spin The batman Batmobile statues and figures are sure to be a hot seller for the collectibles company when they arrive this spring. While a 12 inch statue of Robert Pattinson’s titular hero will certainly be a nice addition to display on a shelf, the 4 inch action figures of him, Selina Kyle and The Penguin could certainly attract a lot of consumer attention considering their inclusions of a collectible proof card and unique accessories namely Batman’s Batarang, Catwoman’s Whip and The Penguin’s Umbrella. The Batmobile statues also offer a nice preview of the updated muscle car look for the Dark Knight’s iconic vehicle.

Anticipation continues to grow as the time approaches for The batman arriving in theaters after being almost a year late due to the pandemic and production issues. With Reeves’ desire to better explore the nature of the character’s status as the world’s greatest sleuth, and plans for a trilogy and spinoff centered around Farrell’s Penguin and the Gotham City Police Department, he and Warner Bros. clearly have a lot of faith in the latest take on DC’s iconic hero. Only time will tell if this turns out to be a success when The batman hits theaters on March 4.

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