The Golden Girls hitting Philadelphia-area theater screens in June


I can’t believe I didn’t know this sooner, but I’m thrilled to announce that The Golden Girls are coming to the big screen in Philadelphia very soon!

So, apparently, a very select number of theaters across the country will be showing a special collection of “Golden Girls” episodes on June 7th and 14th.

The film event, which is called ‘Forever Golden! A Celebration of the Golden Girls,” will feature some of the show’s favorite episodes.

What episodes will air during the 2-hour broadcast? We have a list below. Keep scrolling.

But, first, to find out where this special event will be available in our area, it looks like the episodes will air at Cinemark in University City Philadelphia and inside the Moorestown Mall movie theater in Moorestown, NJ.

By the way: Cinemark University City Penn 6 is located at 4012 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, PA. Meanwhile, the Regal Moorestown Mall 12 is located at 400 Route 38 in Moorestown, NJ. For tickets and more information for this special event, you can click here.

However, I must admit that the prices for these tickets are not as bad as I thought. It looks like it will cost around $13 per seat to get in for the evening. It’s RARE that you can say that a movie was cheaper than expected.

Now for the good part… Episodes that will be featured on the show include The Competition, It’s a Miserable Life, The Sisters, Scared Straight, Sisters of the Bride, and The Case of the Swinger Bell.

Plus, I’m BEYOND excited that they’ll be showing Scared Straight in theaters…during Pride Month! There’s no better way to mark Pride Month than with one of the FIRST moments in LGBTQ television history as Blanche struggles to come to terms with her brother Clayton’s exit:

Wish I’d known sooner, but I’ll try to take my friends to the movies for one of these shows.

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