This forgotten Eddie Murphy movie came out of nowhere to rule Netflix


The # 1 movie on Netflix in the US right now is no surprise at all. This is the new Benedict Cumberbatch cowboy drama, The power of the dog, which has positively enthusiastic reviews and all kinds of accolades surround it. If you look a little deeper into Netflix’s Top 10 Best Movies for the US list right now, however, there are some surprises that jump out at you. Like Eddie Murphy’s movie currently at number 3, right behind Netflix’s new Christmas romantic comedy Single until the end.

The film we are referring to is Life, which has actually been one of the best titles on Netflix for days now. And who currently beats the Netflix original Red Notice – the streamer’s greatest original movie.

An Eddie Murphy’s classic trending on Netflix

In case you forgot what it’s all about – or never had the time to see it at all – here is the Netflix rundown. “After a petty con artist gets hold of a bank teller’s pocket, the two men are trapped and have to endure the other’s presence in the same prison.”

It is certainly a throwback to another era. A place where cinemas and multiplexes were teeming with all kinds of theatrical food, from indie movies to comedies to big budget blockbusters. And the rows of plush chairs, of course, were packed with moviegoers. Now? It looks like Netflix is ​​one of the last places to enjoy this sort of thing. With Hollywood increasingly deciding that it’s not worth risking money on anything other than known IP with a guaranteed big payoff.

Back then, however, there was a ton of this type of content. Pleasant and forgettable. That is, that Eddie Murphy’s classic wasn’t, uh, the most critically-acclaimed title in the comedian’s catalog. More than Rotten tomatoes, for example, it currently has a 50% review score. It’s based on 54 reviews. The public nonetheless loved it. life Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score is 77% – based on over 50,000 user reviews.

Top 10 Netflix Movies

If you want to check this one out on Netflix, however, you don’t have much time. There are currently plans to release the streamer after December 31st. Of course, if you want, you can also rent it or buy it through video-on-demand sources like iTunes and Amazon Prime Video, as it’s available there as well.

In the meantime, the latest roster on Netflix’s Top 10 Best Movies for America list has plenty of other suggestions on what else to watch right now. You know, once you’re done with that Eddie Murphy’s gem – or if that’s not your style, and you need a different recommendation.

It’s still a few weeks away from Christmas, but, as you can imagine, holiday-themed movies are in high demand with Netflix users right now. There are three currently on the Top 10 list, which you can check out in full below.

Interestingly, the majority of what you’ll find below is third-party content. Not, in other words, original Netflix movies. Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows list, on the other hand, is another story (the streamer’s originals totally dominate this one).

  1. The power of the dog
  2. Single until the end
  3. Life
  4. Red Notice
  5. Curler
  6. A boy called Christmas
  7. A castle for Christmas
  8. Law abiding citizen
  9. bruised
  10. Final destination 5

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