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There are a number of “best movies” lists out there. The most famous is probably “100 Years-100 Movies” from the American Film Institute. Online movie and TV review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes also has a ‘Top 100’. Amazon-owned online movie database IMDb raises the bar with a “250 Best”.

Some critics like the flip side. Awards for the worst movies are given out each year through a parody awards show called the Golden Raspberry Awards, or Razzies, ”a parody of the Oscars. We have identified the worst film of all time ourselves, and it is a Turkish film called “Reis” from 2017.

To identify the worst movie of all time, 24/7 Tempo reviewed the 22,407 movies in our database for which ratings were available at a time. IMDb and Rotten tomatoes. We created an index using IMDb average scores and audience scores from Rotten Tomatoes and Tomatometer scores. Ties were broken based on the number of IMDb votes. (Casting information is also taken from IMDb.)

The movies we looked at fell into the really, really awful category. It turns out that the majority of them are in the sci-fi or horror genres. Good horror movies give us a brief, exhilarating scare. Science fiction films, when done well, with talent and imagination, can provide a provocative window into the future. Both, when written, directed, and / or acted on haphazardly, can be heartbreaking in many ways. (Here’s a longer list of the worst sci-fi movies ever made.)

Not all the movies we considered started out smelly, it has to be said. The Korean War epic “Inchon” had a stellar cast, but was heavily criticized by critics and ignored by the public. Adam Sandler had a rare comedy bomb with “Going Overboard”. The worst film on this list, a Turkish biographical film about Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan before he came to national power. It can only be called charity as a vanity project for Erdoğan and has no other reason to exist than to restore his reputation. (See this list of the worst movies based on real events.)

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