Thor Star Jaimie Alexander shares teasing role for Red Sonja movie script


MCU star Jaimie Alexander hints that she was cast for Joey Soloway’s Red Sonja alongside Hannah John-Kamen by sharing a photo from the script.

Jaimie Alexander hints she was cast in the upcoming Red sonja film by posting a photo of the script. The comic book heroine was partially inspired by the character of Robert E. Howard and developed for Marvel Comics by Roy Thomas and Barry Smith in 1973. Red Sonja is best known for her status as a “hero of the sword and the sword. sorcery “, as well as her signature bikini. armor. Brigitte Nelson first portrayed her on the big screen in 1985, although an update with a new actress has been in the works for some time.

A Red sonja The film has been in development since 2010, when it was in the hands of Robert Rodriguez with Rose McGowan attached to the star. When that failed, the project eventually landed with X Menis Bryan Singer. However, following the numerous allegations of sexual assault made against Singer, he was removed from the film. In its current state, Red sonja will be directed by Joey Soloway, who joined the project in 2019. Hannah John-Kamen signed on for the lead role in early May, which has allowed the first major advancements to emerge for some time.


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Now, it looks like someone else has joined John-Kamen, although that isn’t necessarily confirmed. Alexander, best known for her roles in the Thor movies and on NBC Blind spot, shared an interesting match earlier on Monday. On a return flight, Alexander posted a photo of the Red sonja the front page of the screenplay and mentioned that it was her “light reading“for the trip. If there was any doubt, it’s the film with John-Kamen, Soloway and Tasha Huo are listed as writers.

Although this is not an outright confirmation that Alexander embarked Red sonja, looks like that’s what happened. So far, John-Kamen is the only person to have officially signed on for the film, so there are still plenty of roles to fill. As Lady Sif in the MCU, Alexander has proven to be a fan of fantasy action and she could easily take on the role of an ally of Red Sonja. With little known about the plot, it’s hard to say who Alexander might be, but the possibilities are literally endless.

One thing is clear, however: the latest draft of the Red sonja the script is finished. John-Kamen’s cast hasn’t provided any details on when production will begin, but it looks like the film is in the process of gathering its supporting cast. If the draft read by Alexander was the last, Red sonja could start filming later this year with an eye for a late 2022 debut. That would definitely be a welcome development, and hopefully more details will emerge soon.

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Source: Jaimie Alexander / Instagram


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