Toni Braxton explains how she was able to film a new Lifetime movie amid her sister Traci’s terminal illness


Braxton Family Values fans are still processing the unexpected death of Traci Braxton. Traci was one of the crowd’s favorite sisters. In one of her first interviews since Traci’s death, her older sister Toni opened up about how she was able to finish filming a movie as Traci’s health declined. Toni also opened up about the difficult days when she came to terms with her sister’s death.

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Traci Braxton died of esophageal cancer

Fans of the famous family were stunned to learn that Traci had passed away after a year-long private battle with esophageal cancer. The singer and reality TV star was 50 years old. Kevin Surratt, her husband of nearly 30 years, made the news public in a statement to TMZ. “We have come to a time when we need to let the public know that after a year of private treatment for a series of esophageal cancer treatments, our beloved Traci Braxton has risen to fame,” he said. -he declares.

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According to Traci’s rep, she was surrounded by family and friends at the time of her death. She was also reportedly in hospice care prior to her death. Her sisters and mother also released a statement about her passing and asked for privacy as they mourned her death.

Traci’s only child, 26-year-old son Kevin Jr., also shared a touching tribute to his beloved mother. “When I found out my mom was sick, the first thing she said was I’m going to fight and beat this,” Kevin Jr said. Instagram post of him and Traci in a loving embrace. She fought until the end and today she is at peace. I love my mom forever and it hurts so much but I’m at peace knowing she’s no longer in pain. I love you mom, I will miss you.

Toni Braxton Says Traci Braxton Supported Her While Filming New Movie Despite Her Illness

Apart from the Braxton family making their joint statement, they have remained relatively quiet as they mourn their loss. But Toni is currently promoting her latest Lifetime movie Fallen Angels Murder Club heroes and criminals and spoke publicly for the first time about Traci’s passing.

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“We’re dedicating the movie to my sister Traci because I lost one of my sisters while we were shooting this – well she was really sick while we were shooting this movie and it was really hard but she was like that beacon of light that was telling me “Toni you can do it” and she was reading with me on the phone and helping me with my character and saying “Toni, I think you should try Hollis this way or that way” and so it really is an important project for me and we dedicate it to him,” she told a host in a recent interview with Good Day New York.

She continued, “It was very difficult – she was the one who got me through it. I was talking to her every day on set and sometimes we didn’t have the best news and I was going there and I was trying to be this big character that’s created, Hollis, and it was my sister who got me through that. Like, “Toni, Hollis should be this, Hollis should be that, think about it.” She gave me the energy I needed to get through this.

It’s one of the hardest things the singer has had to go through

In a separate interview with Tamron Hall to promote the film, Toni got emotional talking about the bond she shares with her siblings. In total, there are six Braxton children, five daughters and a brother.

“We’re so close, we’re more than sisters, we’re kind of like twins as they call it, we’re connected by more than DNA, by blood and that’s just something special” , she said. “My parents have done a great job and a fantastic job raising us together and making us so close. And so losing one of them makes it a little bit harder. Sometimes I wake up every morning and I’m like, ‘ Did I dream it? Did I dream it? And I have to remember, ‘No, she’s gone,’ but she’s been here with us for 50 years. So I’m trying to savor this moment and I try to smile about it and be grateful for the time you have.

Toni also explained that Traci lived 6 months longer than the doctors gave her. The family is planning a special celebration for Traci in honor of what would have been her 51st birthday on April 2.

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