Torn Hearts: A Blumhouse and Epix Movie


Torn Hearts Movie is a Blumhouse TV production, which combines a whole new kind of action, horror and music genre. To be released in May 2022, you can enjoy its screening in the comfort of your home.

The movie will run for around an hour and 30-40 minutes and is sure to wow you at the end. It is due to be released next Friday, which marks the date of May 20, 2022.

Everything you need to know about Torn Hearts

“Torn Hearts” is an outstanding movie having different genres like horror, music, action and thrill. It is a film by the television production company blumhouse and is based in the United States.

It clearly emphasizes an individual’s dreams and ambitions and their respect and consideration for their idol. The film, however, contains twisted climax scenes that could also contain a whirlwind of dread.

Who are the Directors and Producers of the Film?

Bloody disgusting

The film is directed by American actress, screenwriter and director Brea Grant. After doing a number of movies and TV shows, she is here again to surprise and amuse her viewers. Second, “Torn Hearts” is written by Rachel Koller Croft who is an outstanding novelist and screenwriter. She is known for Betches and Endless Summers. As we discussed earlier, the film is produced by Blumhouse Television and EPIX. Here are the executive producers of the film:

Jason Blum
John Lelardi
Jeremy Gold
Chris McCumber.

Trailer and Poster

The movie poster is sure to steal your heart too. With a bright and vivid red color in the background, the blanket itself is the show stopper. Adding to this, the name of the movie is also unveiled in the same color. With our main character in the frame, the poster is pretty self-explanatory. There is also a huge mansion in the background which is also one of the characters in our movie 😉

Moreover, Talking about the trailer has all the aspects of thrill, horror and action. Moreover, it would not be an exaggeration to speak of roller coasters. After reading so much, get ready to see the musical duo meet their idol and the other mysteries they have in store for you.


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