UK heatwave prompts cinemas to offer free tickets to redheads


As the UK faces an unprecedented heat wave, a film company offers to ‘help’ some people who are more sensitive to the sun.

Showcase Cinemas UK is offering free cinema tickets to people with red hair on Monday and Tuesday this week.

The promotion, which the theater chain has titled “SPF (Sun Protecting Flicks) for Redheads,” was announced last week on social media.

“Since redheads are often more vulnerable than most to sunlightwe shelter them from the sun inside our fully air-conditioned cinema screens to see the latest blockbusters for free,” the promotion website states.

The promotion is only available in person for the Monday, July 18 and Tuesday, July 19 screenings, subject to terms and conditions. Free tickets are limited to one per transaction and one per day for people with red hair.

People with red or blond hair are at greater risk of developing skin cancer, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

red head
The movie channel calls the SPF (Sun Protecting Flicks) deal for redheads.
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UK heatwave
Temperatures in the UK have risen so high that the runway of the country’s largest air base has melted.

Other genetic factors that may increase the skin cancer risk include skin that burns or freckles easily, blue or green eyes, lighter natural skin color, certain types of moles, and advanced age, the CDC’s website states.

Temperatures have reached extraordinary levels in the UK this week, getting so hot that the “melted” track at the nation’s largest airbase, Fox Weather reported.


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