Vezham Tamil Movie Review – A Boring Boring Revenge Drama


When Vezham opens, a report about a serial killer can be heard off-screen as we watch a young couple, Ashok (Ashok Selvan) and Leena (Iswarya Menon), ride their bikes up a mountain. They soon come across an abandoned car in the middle of the road, then he is violently slapped across the head as a mask is placed over his face. They were the victims of the serial killer, the film moves a few years later. Leena had a worse fate than Ashok, who managed to survive. Now Ashok is motivated to identify the murderer. He only has his voice to continue as a clue. Can he find the murderers?

Vezham is the kind of movie that tries to be a moody thriller, but its clunky script regularly undermines the dark, almost melancholy mood the movie is trying to achieve. The art direction, costumes, and makeup give the film a distinct style reminiscent of sleek, upper-class television commercials. The lack of bright colors in the cinematography adds to the “class” of the film. the same as the song. A light score that is neither intrusive nor subdued, with light melodies that are pleasant to hear without being particularly memorable. director Sandeep shyam even tries a mani ratnam-style mirror scene to add to the weirdness!

Despite all that cinematic effort, the narrative is uninteresting and mostly relies on reveals that, after a while, start to look like twists and turns that were only included for the purpose of doing so. The elegance of the film also keeps the characters at a distance from us, which prevents us from being totally impacted by their situation. There are times when the performances of the performers are not captivating as they are careful to keep the tone subdued. We rarely witness Ashok Selvan’s seething rage, except for a few occasions when he cries out in fury. Iswarya and janani hardly need to do anything but look attractive and stare at ashok in awe.


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