Why did the Bob’s Burgers movie fail?


Bob’s Burgers has remained a popular adult animated sitcom since the series debuted in 2011, maintaining a strong fan base for over a decade. This ultimately resulted in Bob’s Burgers movie information, the theatrical pleasure of the 2022 series on a bun. Audiences and critics alike loved the film, earning it good reviews from fans and non-fans alike. Sadly, that wasn’t enough to keep the Belcher family from getting their box office buns back.

Bob’s Burgers movie information was a flop, making about $4 million less than its admittedly rather paltry budget of $38 million. There are several factors as to why the film’s financial patties were undercooked, and with the success of other films and this year’s huge box office boom, the pandemic can’t really be used as an excuse anymore. Here’s why the trip to the theater didn’t make as much money as Bob’s Burgers movie information would have liked.

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The Bob’s Burgers Movie Had Fierce Competition From Top Gun and Jurassic World

It is indisputable that Top Gun: Maverick is the absolute box office king this summer and probably for this year as a whole. The long-awaited sequel received rave reviews and even more success when it comes to monetary gain. Its premise was also so universal that everyone went to see it, whether or not they’d seen the 1980s original. Another big draw of nostalgia was Jurassic World Dominionwhich put a Giganotosaurus-sized cap on the franchise that began nearly three decades ago.

With these movies coming out around the same time, it was hard for Bob’s Burgers movie information to get plenty of room for air. This is especially the case with the amount of an unexpected smashing blow Superior gun turned out to be, with the film’s continued dominance being the talk of the film industry over the past few months. Compared to something that was both sizzling and steaky, Bob Belcher and his burgers looked pretty meager in comparison.

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Bob’s Burgers movie felt like an extended episode

For as well as Bob’s Burgers movie information was, there was a common complaint among even the show’s most diehard fans. Many felt that the film had more of an aura of an extended episode or multi-episode storyline, with the film’s musical elements being the only truly “cinematic” thing about the experience. The quality of the animation and overall tone doesn’t give off the vibe of a movie-worthy theatrical upgrade, leading one to wonder why it just didn’t make it into the show.

A direct point of comparison would be The Simpsons movie, which actually came out long after the series was past its prime. Despite this, the film was hailed by new and old fans alike for feeling like an event, billing itself as a “highlight” relative to the series’ production quality. Since Bob’s Burgers movie information lack of quality to this event, there was less reason to see it on the big screen. That’s probably why it ended up moving to streaming platforms so soon.

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Bob’s Burgers has never been a cultural juggernaut

Since he started, Bob’s Burgers continued to receive good reviews and appreciation from the public. At the same time, it’s always been more of a niche series when compared to Fox’s other adult animated sitcoms. It lacked the undeniable omnipresence of pop culture The simpsons and family guyalso failing to reach the fanbase that king of the hill done through his more sophisticated and ironic humor. Much of that stems from how the comedy is particularly deadpan yet over the top. Bob’s Burgerswith his brand of full-throttle jokes in the film.

As a matter of fact, Bob’s BurgersThe fanbase has actually dwindled over the years, meaning the movie didn’t even come out at the top of the series. These factors all came together to form a perfect storm for Bob’s Burgers movie information, dooming the film to box office disappointment. The movie is currently streaming on HBO Max and Hulu, where it will hopefully gain the viewership it didn’t get in theaters.


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