10 Animated Movies That Were Better Than Pixar Movies Released The Same Year


How could anyone not love Pixar? They constantly go against the conventions of mainstream animation in favor of mature storytelling, emotional intelligence, and innovative visions to inspire countless smiles, laughs, gasps, and thoughtful conversations. And tears. There probably isn’t a dam big enough to contain the amount of tears Pixar movies are responsible for.

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However, while Pixar has undoubtedly set a gold standard in many ways for animated filmmaking, other contenders exist in the game. Pixar’s track record is stellar but flawed, and for every film who was not a toy story (1995), Wall-E (2008), or At the top (2009), there was another animated work of art that arguably topped them and deserved its credit.


“The Prince of Egypt” (1998)

When The life of an insect (1998) was released, an earlier film with a similar premise was released by DreamWorks called Antz (1998), which many have since considered superior to the first. But DreamWorks also delivered a second movie the same year that perhaps leaves those other two in the dust, and that was The Prince of Egypta largely faithful retelling of the biblical story of Moses with original music and a strong emphasis on Moses’ personal connection to the Pharaoh.

The Prince of Egypt has everything you could ask for in a musical film epic: the grandeur, the scope and the cinematic know-how to deliver it all to you effectively on screen. At the same time, it generates an equally powerful impact on a deeper emotional level through its compelling storytelling, performances, and willingness not to shy away from the darker elements of the original tale. Prepare to be amazed by this on Peacock Premium.

“Spirited Away” (2001)

Monsters Inc. (2001) isn’t one of Pixar’s weakest efforts. In fact, it is highly regarded for its touching story and imaginative world. But compared to the Oscar winner Taken away as if by magicthe movie might as well be another regular movie.

Directed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, Taken away as if by magic centers on ten-year-old Chihiro Ogino, who enters a mystical realm inhabited by various spirits and works in a bathhouse to try to free her parents from a witch. Virtually every frame in this film is brimming with creativity, wonder, and peculiarity that could almost never be replicated. See for yourself on HBO Max.

‘Monster House’ (2006)

The oddity that is Cars (2006) is often considered Pixar’s first major misstep. Although there are good reasons for this, the film is not so bad. Many other movies from 2006 could still be considered better than Carsand an underestimated is The monster housewhich concerns a group of children trying to save a neighborhood from the possessed house of an elderly resident.

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For a movie about children apparently for children, The monster house has a very adult edge and horror sensibility that most scary movies should envy. If you’re looking for a fun Halloween tradition that’s family-friendly but might also give you the creeps, consider screening this movie at the end of October. Currently on Netflix.

‘Rango’ (2011)

So far, Cars 2 (2011) is probably the biggest flaw in Pixar’s illustrious history. In fairness, the movie isn’t terrible but plays out like a long Saturday morning cartoon episode, far from the excellence expected from its studio. As such, it’s easy to find a best animated movie of 2011, and rango is a stand-out.

Telling the story of a chameleon searching for a sense of identity in the desert, he begins to find after becoming the sheriff of a Wild West-style town with a water shortage populated by other animals. sensitive; Rango is a loving and fun tribute to the Western genre. In addition to delivering suitably grainy, detail-rich animation, the film has the audacity to embrace weirdness and surrealism. Take a trip down memory lane with this on HBO Max.

‘Paranormand’ (2012)

An interesting entry in Pixar’s library is Brave (2012), a fairly decent film that frankly offered little to distinguish itself from a typical modern Disney princess film. Paranormandon the other hand, took familiar ideas and turned them into something special.

The plot of Paranormand follows an 11-year-old boy named Norman who can see ghosts as he tries to lift a 300-year-old curse that threatens to destroy his hometown. Despite the protagonist’s apparent similarities to that of Haley Joel Osment of The sixth sense (1999), the film as a whole is more of an offbeat horror-comedy than a psychological thriller, a film exceptional in its charm, humor, movingness and thematic complexity. Now streaming on Tubi.

“The Snow Queen” (2013)

Although the prequel monster university (2013) may not have been a sequel to Monsters Inc. that many wanted, it was still a solidly enjoyable college movie with nuggets of brilliance. Nevertheless, other films that year markedly overshadowed him, such as Frozenfrom the main animation studio of Pixar’s parent company, Disney.

Yes, free adaptation of Hans Christian Andersenit is Snow Queen became a favorite target of ridicule due to its overexposure. However, it didn’t win the Best Animated Feature Oscar for nothing. Frozen has endearing characters, thoughtful ideas, gorgeous artistry, and, of course, unmissable tunes. Watch it on Disney+.

‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ (2016)

As for the spinoffs, Pixar Finding Dory (2016) is cute and occasionally insightful but not particularly noteworthy. Kubo and the two ropesa film about a boy on a quest to defeat his evil grandfather, the Moon King, armed only with a magic shamisen and the company of an anthropomorphic ape and a beetle, is a much larger work of art.

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The film is worth experiencing just for its jaw-dropping imagination and visual splendor, but it goes one step further by providing an exciting and poignant, albeit somewhat flawed, storytelling adventure for viewers to become invested in. . Kubo and the two ropes on Spectrum on demand.

“A Silent Voice” (2016)

Whether you consider it a 2016 movie or a 2017 movie after its worldwide release, A silent voice can take on the best of both years’ animated films, Pixar or otherwise.

Centered on Shoya Ishida, a suicidal high school student who reconnects with Shoko Nishimiya, a deaf former classmate he bullied in elementary school, this film deals with heavy themes with heartbreaking maturity. The bully and the victim are not treated as one-dimensional speakers for a moralistic message: they are people. Take your Kleenex box and live the experience A silent voice on Netflix.

‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ (2018)

2018 was a busy year for superhero movies, and Pixar contributed in the form of a long-awaited sequel to The Incredibles (2004). The movie didn’t necessarily disappoint, but it might not have been the best among animated superheroes of 2018. That accolade has to go to the infinitely spoken Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Versewhich featured a new Spider-Man named Miles Morales being shown the ropes by Spider-Men from other universes and learning what it really means to be a hero.

Countless souls have been captivated by Into the Spider-Versehis writing, his emotional weight, his love for the character of Spider-Man and his psychedelic pop-art style. Count yourself among them by seeing it today on FXNow.

“Weathering With You” (2019)

Whereas toy story 4 (2019) was strong enough, Pixar really should have stuck with a trilogy of toy story films and preserved the bubbly integrity of the series. grow old with you had a relatively different problem in that it continued to draw unfavorable comparisons to the director Makoto Shinkaiis already acclaimed your name (2016). Not only is grow old with you more than a match for the fourth toy storybut it’s high time to acknowledge the film’s merits without looking at what came before it.

The spiritual sequel to your name centers on a pair of teenagers, one with the power to control the weather, as they use his ability for a business but ultimately suffer heavy consequences from supernatural forces. In addition to its impeccable animation, grow old with you features an irresistible cast of characters who take you on a deeply engaging and heartfelt journey you should be streaming on HBO Max.

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