10 Best Movie Cameos Of All Time, Ranked


Cameo appearances can be great inclusions in movies. What makes them interesting is not just who appears, but also how they are integrated into the film. It’s been done countless ways in countless movies over the year. They range from those without lines, like Wilson Phillips in Bridesmaidsto people who talk more than expected, like Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore.

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Whether it’s with clever references or tapping into nostalgia, some films feature better cameo appearances than others. Most of the cameos are included in a punchy way, but there’s no doubt that the quality of some stands out above the rest.

ten Miley Cyrus has become a fun addition to High School Musical 2: Life Of The Party

In High School Musical 2, Miley Cyrus makes a quick cameo as the main cast perform “All for One.” Her appearance in this film showed that she celebrates her peers’ projects, which is nice to see.

Many viewers first have to pay close attention to this musical number to notice Cyrus dancing among the other teenagers. His low-key cameo contrasts with his general presence as a major Disney star during this era. Seeing Miley Cyrus also provides fond memories for fans of previously popular Disney Channel shows.

9 Christina Aguilera sang and showed off her acting skills in the life of the party

In Party life, Christina Aguilera plays herself and does a favor for her cousin, Leonor, by attending a college night/fundraiser that helps Deanna raise money for college tuition. She speaks briefly with the main characters before performing her hit song “Fighter”.

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Although she didn’t have as many lines, Aguilera showed great acting skills and her singing performance generated a lot of enthusiasm. All in all, Christina Aguilera’s appearance was a great addition to Party lifebut also remains a testament to his multi-faceted performing talents.

8 Adam Lambert had a brief but important role in Bohemian Rhapsody

Since Adam Lambert became the new frontman of legendary rock band Queen, it seemed only fitting to include him in their biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. Lambert plays “Truck Stop Guy” and, although he has no lines, plays an important role.

Freddy shows an interest in Lambert’s character even though he’s in a heterosexual relationship at this point in time. Bohemian Rhapsody. Viewers see Freddy discover part of who he is in this scene. Lambert makes a subtle but also very impactful contribution to the film.

seven Allen Covert paid tribute to another iconic film in Blended

Allen Covert played the amnesiac “Ten-Second Tom” in 50 first dates. Tom got this nickname because his short term memory can only retain recently learned information/events for ten seconds before he forgets.

Covert reprized the role of Ten-Second Tom a decade later in Mix, where he goes to the same cashier three times. This gives Mix a nostalgic element like, like 50 first dates, it stars iconic acting duo Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Including Tom was a subtle but fun way to Mix honor 50 first dates.

6 Chris Hemsworth showed his comedic talent and support in Interceptor

Chris Hemsworth is known for playing Thor in the MCU, but he’s also taken on dumber roles like Kevin Beckman in ghost hunters. He again brings this aspect of his acting abilities to his Interceptor cameo appearance as he plays a clueless electronics salesman who has shown things like making generically positive statements about television sets.

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Hemsworth’s character provides effective comic relief and shows Hemsworth’s versatility as an actor. His real-life wife, Elsa Pataky, also portrays InterceptorThe main protagonist of , Captain JJ Collins, so it’s nice to see him also supporting his work.

5 Casper Viewers Remembered Dan Aykroyd’s Ghostbusters Tribute

In casparCarrigan and Dibs try to enlist the help of many supernatural experts, one being Dan Aykroyd, who reprized his character, Ray Stantz, from ghost hunters. He even says the famous line: “Who are you going to call?” However, since Ray cannot handle these ghosts, he answers his own question with, “Someone else”.

Ray is cleverly used to emphasize how difficult it is to deal with the Ghostly Trio. He was fitting to make a brief appearance in caspar and it undoubtedly thrilled the viewers.

4 Hilarious irony brought out the fantastic four in Stan Lee: Rise of the Silver Surfer

During the start of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Susan and Reed are about to get married. While making his usual appearance in a Marvel movie, Stan Lee is seen among the arriving guests.

Lee is then not allowed in as his name was not on their guest list. What makes this appearance better than Lee’s other cameos is that viewers know all too well that he co-created the The Fantastic Four‘s characters, so the brutal irony The Rise of the Silver Surfer incorporated by excluding him from their marriage is a good laugh.

3 Keanu Reeves was a perfect push for the main characters of Always Be My Maybe

Keanu Reeves plays a hilarious and eccentric version of himself in Always be my maybe, and is Sasha’s love interest before she ends up with Marcus. Some comedic things he does include inviting the main characters to eat at a pretentious restaurant that has ridiculously high prices for very little food and mentioning blockbuster movies he starred in, like John Wick.

Reeves’ appearance remains arguably one of the funniest appearances in a film. His A-List celebrity status coupled with bizarre behavior also made him the perfect push Sasha and Marcus needed before they finally got together.

2 Harry Styles brought a different kind of star power to the Eternals

Although Harry Styles is best known for his stint in pop group One Direction, he has since pursued a career as a solo musician and actor. He made a surprise appearance in the MCU movie Eternals like “Eros/Starfox”.

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Eros’ Eternals The appearance features a hysterical and lengthy introduction by Pip. Eros then offers the help of the titular Eternals, as he knows where their friends are. Styles delivers his lines with ease and truly embodies the character of Eros. Styles’ cameo was not only a pleasant surprise, but also hinted at a possible Eternals after.

1 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom wouldn’t have been the same without Jeff Goldblum

Dr. Ian Malcom (Jeff Goldblum) makes an appearance during a Senate hearing at the end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. He expresses his belief that the dinosaurs should be left for dead because bringing them back was a mistake.

It’s always exciting to see an original actor from the jurassic park The franchise and fans were pleased with the belief he had in making that statement. Jeff Goldblum constantly brings his signature charisma to the character of Dr. Ian Malcom and this cameo in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is no exception.

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